T-Shirt Logo Idea #2

Mr. Gifford suggested that I tweak my original T-shirt logo idea, so I have. He suggested that I put the different representations around in a circle with a scroll that says Magic Pens, so that is what I have I done.

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  1. Erica Roberts
    Erica Roberts says:

    OH! OH! I like it! And I totaly agree with Mr. G FANTASIC! Bravo my dear Bravo! Lol I love it love it love it! Good job. Ok I’m done now

  2. hyperwires
    hyperwires says:

    Thank you! This is actually my favorite logo idea so far. For the back of the shirt. For the front of the shirt, I like Matt’s quill pen idea. Has anybody else made any more logo ideas?

  3. Mr. G
    Mr. G says:

    Actually, I was kind of thinking of using Matt’s “mightier than ” a nuke logo for the front. Maybe.

    One problem, I checked with the t-shirt people and they said that they can’t do shading. Crappy, huh? Is there any way that you could work over this one more time and delete out all of the shading and make all of the lines clear? 🙁 Sorry, I was really hoping this would work as is.

  4. Desirae
    Desirae says:

    I LOVE IT! And shading isn’t too hard to get around, really. If you don’t mind losing a bit of the detail. Ok, A LOT of the detail, it could work out pretty nice. The logo would have to be a bit more… Cartoon-like (not the words I was for, but close enough). More of an outline, than a drawing. But! I haven’t actually looked up information on what the t-shirt making people (I am just at a loss for words today!) are capable of, but either way, even with only an outline of the drawings, I am sure it will look pretty nice =3

  5. Mr. G
    Mr. G says:

    Des is pretty accurate. Everything has to be either outlines, or solid colors. I know it won’t be really easy, but if we want our t-shirts to look cool, we have to do something.

  6. Jared
    Jared says:

    very kewl, but matt takes a close 1st place. If we get 2 votes this would be my second. (Dont take this as a insult, but i trust my bro a bit more even though urs is better).


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