Look Before You Leap

One clear morning in the Great Woods, Raccoon was walking along a quaint dirt path enjoying the forest surroundings. Just then, she spotted something ahead. As she drew nearer, she found that there was a large hole in the path. Raccoon carefully leaned over the edge and peered in. She was surprised to find a rainbow of fruit piled at the bottom. Without even thinking, she quickly jumped into the hole and began to eat her fill.

Many hours later, Raccoon felt the bulge of her stomach and decided to resume her walk. Glancing up and out of the hole, she found that she was actually much deeper than she thought she was. She began to walk up the sides of the pit only to find that the walls were too steep for her. She would have to jump out. Poor Raccoon tried and tried, but was unable to leave the hole.

“Help!” she began to cry out, hoping that someone passing by might hear her. “Please help me!”

Luckily, Fox had just been trotting by on his afternoon walk and heard Raccoon’s pleas. “Hello? Is somebody there?” he asked, glancing around.

“I’m down here!” Raccoon stated. “Can you help get me out?” Fox glanced into the hole and found Raccoon sitting helplessly at the bottom. After dipping his long tail into the ditch, Raccoon was able to pull herself out of the hole and back onto the path. “Thank you!” she cried out.

“No problem,” replied Fox. “Just remember, next time, look before you leap,” he stated with a smile.