My Life…In Words

There’s a lot of people out there who care about me…

There’s my mom and my dad, my grandmothers and grandfather, my brother, my aunt, my cousin, my best friends, my Internet friends, my school friends, my boyfriend, and even close family friends that aren’t even related to me. I’m pretty much surrounded by love.

But with love, comes great responsibility…and now that I’m at Texas State University, I’ve gotta’ keep everyone informed. I keep getting e-mails, texts, comments, messages, IM’s, phone calls, letters, and every other form of communication…Everyone wants to know what I’m doing, how my day was, what I’m learning in my classes. I’ll admit, it’s a little overwhelming, and I don’t have a good “e-mail response rate”. I never send e-mails, and hardly ever reply to them.

So, I’ve decided to blog….because I love blogs. Blogs keep me motivated, and blogs keep you informed. Problem solved. 🙂

So if you’re one of those who loves me and wants to bug me about my day, come stop by my blog ocassionally, or even better, subscribe via RSS or e-mail, or something like that. Then you’ll always know what I’m up to. As long as I keep writing here. ;D