Muted Outcries

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As an introverted artist, I remain quiet as I allow my artwork to express myself. Within painting I have found an outlet through which I can communicate freely, a voice that can finally be heard.

This series, Muted Outcries, draws attention to the dark, twisted, and obscured emotions that plague one’s soul. Focusing on feelings that stem from abusive and traumatic situations, I related from personal experiences and from the traumas suffered by others that I witnessed as a university campus resident assistant.

Rimmed in black, the pieces within this series retain a dark theme. Each piece embodies a multitude of emotions, depicting the torturous experiences one can suffer. Repeating drips and stains stir unease with the implications of tears or blood as the unsaturated and dim colors create a sense of gloom and despair. Animals become the martyrs of my pieces as they echo the silence that engulfs many who experience trauma and embodies their desires to be discovered.

After undergoing challenges and difficulties, many become mute, unable to speak of the pains within. This series intends to reveal the anxieties that many continue to hide and bring awareness to those who choose to remain ignorant. Through this series, I intend viewers to find refuge and new realizations. My paint is meant to tell, my paintings meant to heal.

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