Student Teacher Reflection: Friday, January 23, 2015

Comal Independent School District

Today ended my first week Student Teaching at Comal Independent School District’s Canyon High School. I am pretty exhausted at the moment and am hoping that I will become more used to the work load as time goes on. I have been having difficulties adjusting to the time commitment as I’ve been coming home incredibly tired, force myself to stay awake until later, and then can’t fall asleep until late into the night only allowing me to get a few hours of sleep before waking up much earlier than I am used to. I’m sure that this terrible cycle as taken its toll on me. I’m sure that I’ll be able to adjust in time.

Thankfully today seemed like a normal, casual day. My cooperating teacher had returned from her absence and explained that she is facing an imminent death in the family. Any day now, I may be called into action as she attends a funeral. This definitely helps to show how being prepared ahead of time is crucial and necessary to run an efficient classroom. Without a well-though curriculum or a back-up plan for days you may be out, your students may be left with a substitute who doesn’t know what to do. My teacher has been trying to plan ahead so that I can take over at a moment’s notice.

Today I spoke with my cooperating teacher about a few students I had personal concerns with for various reasons such as a lack of interest, low grades, or bad behavior. She explained each student to me and I was shocked to learn of some of the personal circumstances some of the students are in. There were some, however, that even she couldn’t explain and hasn’t figured out how to help yet. She asked me for advice with working with these students and I was at a loss. I will need to look into helping challenged students more.

I also experienced a student-teacher conflict today as one of the Painting IV students addressed my cooperating teacher about the grade she had received on the latest project. Because my cooperating teacher had left the grading to me, she instantly referred the student to me. The student began defending herself as she asked why I had taken three points off on her artwork. “I used circles!” she exclaimed, explaining how she created an artwork using circles, as per the assignment. “I used them in the actual animal, and in the bubbles in the background! Why did I get three points taken off?!” I began to explain to her that while she did use circles in her artwork and I did not take off for that, the teacher’s requirements had included to not make the picture “too simple.” I had taken off points from each students’ artwork that either had an incredibly simple background, such as one color, or left the background completely blank. While this student had included bubbles behind her octopus, the paper behind the bubbles was left completely untouched and blank. I felt comfortable defending my decision and showing the student the requirements, but it was not a pleasant experience. For the rest of the class, the student seemed upset and angered, and seemed to avoid me. My cooperating teacher later expressed that this happens to her all the time and she hates having to deal with it. She agreed that I was in the right, but warned me to always be prepared to defend my grading choices.

Overall, today felt like an easy-going, laid-back Friday. Students continued working on the artworks they’ve been working on all week and I enjoyed my day. My cooperating teacher seemed to enjoy the day as well, and we spent some time trading tips with each other. She was thrilled to learn a new way to show example works for the students on her computer and used the new technique to cycle through examples of tree artwork for her Art I students. While I have loved my experience thus far, I am glad this week has come to an end and I can get some much-needed rest.

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