Faux Foxes: Fox Domestication and Pet Ownership | Acknowledgements


Dr. Harvey Ginsburg

This project would not exist without your guidance. I thank you for agreeing to mentor me as my Thesis Supervisor and for allowing me your time and thoughts. Because of your recommendations, this piece developed into a study that added to the information and understanding of fox domestication and pet ownership and included my own illustrated artworks, allowing me to incorporate my artistic abilities with my fascination for fox domestication. Due to your inspired ideas and tireless edits, this project has developed into a well-researched, valid addition to the existing literature on the domestication of the red fox that I feel proud to have written. I would like to extend special thanks for your assistance with creating the survey, analyzing the data, and writing about the results. This project would not have come to fruition without your creativity, dedication, knowledge, and expertise. Thank you, greatly; it was a pleasure working with you.

Dr. Bob Fischer

I thank you greatly for accepting my request for your guidance as my Second Reader and for remaining honest in expressing your doubts and concerns. As the project began to shift further from your areas of expertise, you continued to offer help and support, regardless. I apologize for the inconveniences and difficulties, but truly thank you for your dedication and assistance. Your offerings helped support my writings and your suggestions refocused my thoughts. Your mentoring shaped the project to what it has become.

Dr. Meeks and Dr. Ogletree

Thank you both for allowing me to utilize your classes and students for this study. Your students contributed valuable information to this project and helped improve our understanding of attitudes about domesticating wild foxes and selling them as pets.

Anonymous Honors College Student

Thank you for volunteering your time to administer the survey portion of this study when I was unable to. Thanks to your kindness, the survey was administered successfully.

Dr. Heather Galloway

This project started with your encouragement over five years ago. Thank you for convincing me to pursue this endeavor and for helping me materialize it. Your initial proofreading and suggestions helped me refocus my writing and guide it in a stronger direction and your praises helped drive me to continue and finish the work. I am honored to have worked with you and to have participated in this project.

Dr. Donald Olson

Your famous lesson to always find the primary source pushed my determination and drive to find the truth while researching. With this thought in mind, I suspected everything and searched until I found the original source. Within a sea of information, your advice helped me find the most valuable references.

Jean and Keith Brooks

Thank you for years of supporting my unusual fascination with foxes and encouraging me to pursue this project. I appreciated your understanding throughout this work and your interest in my research.

Nicholas Smith

Thank you for your unwavering love and support throughout the entirety of this project. Your reassurance helped motivate me to endure as I worked continuously and tirelessly to complete this work. I appreciate your care and assistance as you provided for me when I simply didn’t have the time and resources to provide for myself. This project may not have been possible without your constant inspiration, understanding, dedication, and selflessness. Thank you for your sacrifices and deep sympathies.

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