Testimonial: Tommy Marchetti | Texas A&M University Terry Scholars Student Organization

It has been truly a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic artist and entrepreneur as yourself. Also, I am extremely grateful for your generosity in your dealings with us. You have been very accommodating and organized in your business with us and very easy to work with without ever meeting in person. I am also thankful for your sound, decisive artistic advice and patience with us as we strove to come to a decision.

The portrait is beautiful! What a great tribute to two great people who have done so much for us both by their monetary generosity and their inspirational example! Whatever doubts we may have had about your portrait painting ability have been soundly put to rest.

I am so glad for you that your first work was a tribute to those who have done so much to support you (and us and so many others) in their life goals and educational endeavors. What a fitting, beautiful way to begin your career! Thank you so much, too, in helping us to commemorate this great couple and complete our Terry Senior Gift.

-Tommy Marchetti

Texas A & M University: Terry Scholars Student Organization

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