Testimonial: Tom Olsen

I have purchased five drawings of Noelle’s and have been very pleased with each of them. Three were live stream auction purchases, one was from this website, and one was a charcoal commission of the dog I grew up with, Rambo. I knew the quality of Noelle’s work from watching her Twitch stream, but seeing the process of drawing Rambo brought back so many good memories (along with the positivity and professionalism of her stream) made the experience much deeper and more meaningful than I had anticipated. The drawing itself is magnificent and captures everything I loved about Rambo’s face. The YouTube video is just as high quality as the drawing and was a must-have for me to show my family how it was created and gives them a taste of the feelings I felt watching Noelle work.

Noelle’s professionalism extends into the business side of her work. She clearly takes this very seriously to ensure an easy and thoughtful buying experience. From the initial request to the delivery and the inclusion of an itemized receipt that summarizes the contract, the communication was clear and timely, the deadlines were completed early, and the piece itself will be something I cherish. I highly recommend Noelle for any commission work!

-Tom Olsen

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