24 for 24! Creative Livestream

This Wednesday, June 29th is my 24th birthday!

In order to celebrate 24 years, I will be hosting a Creative Livestream for 24 consecutive hours. Come join me as I create art for an entire day!

Date: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29TH, 2016

The event will run until 9:00PM Central Time on Thursday, June 30th. That’s an entire day’s worth of art-making!

I will be working on my current project, Animalia and will be starting the Vulpes piece as part of the Canidae series. This piece will illustrate a Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes, my favorite animal of all-time. I will be sketching in graphite, painting an underpainting layer in watercolor, then finishing the details with colored pencils, thus creating a mixed media piece. I’ll most likely work on other pieces, as well, including some ballpoint pen sketching.

I’d love to see you there!

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