NeonMob Series: Animalia Afoot

Animalia Afoot is now available to collect as a NeonMob Series!

On NeonMob, a worldwide network of creators and designers creates original trading cards for everyone to discover and enjoy. Open packs and trade to complete series, earn badges, and collect limited-edition cards. The joy and nostalgia of collecting is captured in this social marketplace that never runs out of beautiful and inventive collectibles.

The series contains 15 cards depicting various species of wildlife in colored pencil in ink. Each card is as rare as the animal it depicts, matching the animal’s IUCN Red List of Threatened Species evaluation.

Earth is home to over 8 million animal species, yet each creature has its own unique impression. Many of these signatures are common sights, but some are rarer finds, fleeting beauties struggling to survive. With such diverse artistry to behold, we must learn to appreciate each individual species and treasure its special addition to this world. Every animal’s print reveals an identity, shares a heritage, and helps to paint the canvas of our planet. Each mark is a part of our story.

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