CreateAlong: Ink “Leucism” Art Card

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This Saturday, January 21st, 2017, I’ll be hosting my second CreateAlong Creative Livestream! The livestream will begin at 9:00pm Central Time after an hour’s worth of Pictionary at 8:00pm Central Time.

Join me as we create a piece of artwork together, step-by-step. I’ll help you each step of the way as you ask questions and send me snapshots of your progress in real time. This CreateAlong, we’ll be creating a “Leucism” animal art card in ink!

Vote in the poll on which animal I will demonstrate! Vote for multiple choices and even add your own ideas for others to vote on.

Feel free to broadcast yourself creating with the livestream or post photographs of your progress. Use the hashtag #createalong to share your creation!

Supply List


I will be demonstrating the creation of a “Leucism” card on 3×5 inch, 138 pound mixed media paper. I cut down a 7×10 inch sheet of mixed media paper into four 3×5 inch cards. Lower pound paper, or even an index card may be substituted. A black ballpoint pen, black india ink pen, and a white-out pen will be used.


I will be using an Artist 2-Finger Glove to prevent ink smudges. An extra piece of paper between your hand and the paper may also be used to prevent smudging. A paper cutter or pair of scissors may be needed in order to cut down paper to the 3×5 inch size.


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