Testimonial: Alex AKA Fausti_Pluvia

Noelle is such a talented individual who never ceases to go above and beyond in her art. Every material she touches, she can use to make outstanding masterpieces. Over the past year, I have yet to see her make one subpar artwork. I treasure every piece she has made for me whether it is the Alolan Marowak and Golurk Fusion, the Dragonite, the Oshawott Pikachu Fusion, the Entei Typhlosion Fusion, the Tangrowth Palossand Fusion, the Coatimundi, or the Blue Cayman Iguana (my favorite). Not only does she put everything into her art, she puts everything into the amazing community she has built. Her kindness and sincerity makes her channel, Creative, and Twitch such a wonderful place. I look forward to commissioning her in the future and I cannot wait to see what beautiful things she comes up with. nmbLove

-Alex AKA Fausti_Pluvia

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