Do you like video games? What are your favorites?

I have always loved playing video games. My favorite video game of all time is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Other favorite franchises include Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Sonic Adventure, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Harvest Moon, Super Smash Bros., and many more.

How long have you been livestreaming?

I have been livestreaming since August 24, 2015. I was partnered with Twitch Interactive, Inc. on November 23, 2015.

What is your favorite animal?

The Red Fox, or Vulpes vulpes, has been my favorite animal since I was about 10 years old and was gifted a fox stuffed animal. Other favorites include deer, birds, raccoons, and baby harp seals.

What is your favorite color?

While deep purple was my favorite color for many years, I have since fallen in love with blue-green, otherwise known as teal or turquoise. My favorite color schemes include blues and browns, especially light blue and dark brown.

What is your favorite medium?

I don’t really have any one particular medium that I favor over others. I generally prefer working in oil paint, watercolor paint, ink, or colored pencil.

What is your favorite piece of your own artworks?

My favorite piece actually includes the entire series, Muted Outcries. This series includes seven large oil paintings that were painted over the course of four months and stemmed from raw, emotional experiences, heavily referencing abuse. This series was featured in two galleries and now hangs on display in my home.


What is your favorite Pokémon?

Ninetales is currently my favorite Pokémon followed by Zoroark, Latias, Sceptile, and Linoone.

When did you start drawing?

I can remember drawing as early as five years old, copying images from coloring books. I’ve been drawing ever since and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.

Which hand is your dominant?

I am right-handed.


Do you use references or only create from your imagination?

While concepts are often from my imagination alone, I rely on photographic references for accurate anatomy, poses, and colors.

How do you decide what to draw?

Commissions are always my first priority, followed by collaborations, trades, and any other owed artwork. When I owe no artwork, I enjoy participating in contests or challenges as they offer a theme or trial and are sometimes coupled with a reward. I also enjoy creating gifts for friends and family in my spare time. I rarely work on personal artwork, but when I do, I draw inspiration from my own emotions, characters, and life experiences and particularly enjoy depicting scenes of animals and nature.

How long does it take you to create your artwork?

The length of time it takes to create my work definitely depends on the type of work I am creating. Smaller works can be finished as quickly as 2 hours, while larger works may take 3 weeks time to complete.

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