Delhi, India

Odense, Denmark

Want to use my designs in your products? Please read more here – Zoom view with fine details of my painting Infinity II.

Olsztyn, PL

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, Wangetti, Australia

Australia has more than its fair share of deadly venomous snakes. The tiger snake is one of them, and is in the elapid family which includes many of the world’s most venomous and dangerous snakes, such mambas, taipans and cobras. Tiger snakes have a beauty of their own, and come in various colours, sometimes banded or stripy like a tiger, or black and shiny.

Ubud, Indonesia

This is the sacred Sanghyang Djaran. A classical Balinese performance, told through fire and trance dance. The barefoot horse man moves around and through a bonfire made from coconut husks, kicking and dancing in a state of trance. I was excited to travel to Indonesia to explore it’s abundant greenery and beautiful environments… I never knew I’d stumble across something this magical.