Colored Pencil on Bristol, 12″x15.5″ | December 5, 2010

Immediately after one gazes upon my colored pencil drawing, many uncertainties arise. It is difficult to recognize the subject matter at first while the eyes examine the artwork composed of bright, vibrant colors taken from all across the color wheel, and even when feathers are recognized and the plumage of a macaw comes into view, one is suddenly bewildered as to why some of the feathers seem off-colored, such as violet. Causing this mystery and confusion is a division across the piece, altering the lower plumage to resemble complimentary colors from the plumage above. This abstraction adds a whimsical, fun effect to an already interesting and enjoyable animal, allowing viewers to take an alternate perspective.

Because of the unusual scale applied to the feathers of the animal, a perspective is difficult to grasp at first, but by analyzing the composition, one can easily notice the arch of the creature’s back contrasting from the background within the upper right corner. Displayed in rich, intensified colors, the parrot differs from the dull, receding colors behind him. Through detailed and precisely-applied pencil strokes, the colors burst from the picture, vibrating and melting together all at once, enabling each color to stand out on its own. Completing the piece, the smooth, curved edges of the feathers, outlined by contrasting values and hues of color, allow one’s eye to follow the moving lines about the picture in a downward motion, moving from the realistic upper half to the abstract, complimentary lower half and bring together the unison of reality and fantasy upon one bird.