Adobe Photoshop: An Educational Tool

Adobe Photoshop's Interface

Adobe Photoshop’s Interface

Imagine a technology that would allow you to convert a traditional piece of artwork into a digital piece of art, create and compile compositions and sketches easily, and even add an “undo” button to the world of art. When teaching art to children, this technology would allow one to give their students increased freedom, flexibility, creativity, and security, ensuring that they feel challenged, privileged, and safe within the classroom. With this sense of pride and self-efficacy, students are more likely to succeed as they overcome challenges and feel accomplished with their art.

Adobe Photoshop is an innovative technology that can be utilized in the art room to broaden the opportunities students have. Adobe Photoshop, commonly shortened to just “Photoshop”, is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. First released in 1989, there have been several new editions, with Creative Suite 6, or CS6, being the final version released on August 30, 2012. With each new upgrade comes new features and new possibilities as Adobe continues to improve each year.

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Variations for the T-Shirt Logo

We held a vote at our meeting and have chosen a white hoodie. If 30 or more of us buy one, the price will be cheaper, so pre-pay for yours before the Christmas Break! Matt’s ThermoNuclear Warhead idea will be located on the front in a pocket size, and my outline for the scroll and dragon idea will be located on the back in a large size.

Since many people have complained about my idea’s clutter, I have created some different variations. One variation has the items displayed around the sides of the scroll along with the top to reduce the clutter, and the other has the objects a little behind the scroll. The first picture is just a touch-up of the original. Please tell me what you think of them!

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Blog Decorater!

I was thinking about it and since I have bought a new computer, I now have one in my room and I can basically go on whenever I want to allowing me much free time.

If anybody would like me to decorate their blog, just ask. All you will need is a background color preference and a picture. The only decorating I can do right now is add a header, (like the dragon I have,) add a bar to the side of the sidebar or add images to the sidebar, add dividers after each post, change the more button, change the font size or type, add a small image before the title of each post, and change the color of the background.

If you would like any of these things done, just ask!

T-Shirt Logo Idea #2 Outline

Mr. Gifford has contacted the T-shirt company and they informed him that they do not accept drawings that have been shaded, so he has asked me to outline my logo and erase all of the shading. If my logo is chosen to be on our T-shirts, here is what the final picture will most likely look like.

Please share your thoughts!

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T-Shirt Logo Idea #2

Mr. Gifford suggested that I tweak my original T-shirt logo idea, so I have. He suggested that I put the different representations around in a circle with a scroll that says Magic Pens, so that is what I have I done.

Share your comments, ideas, suggestions and thoughts!

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