Story Idea #12

Write a story that involves the famous military base, Area 51.

The catch is to not include any aliens, extra-terrestrials, space creatures, etc.

Basically, don’t include anything from outer space.

Story Idea #11

Write about somebody who is completely invisible at all times. This would be physical, meaning nobody can physically see the person.


  • Elizabeth Hamm’s Invisible
  • Story Idea #10

    Write about how a pinky finger saves someone’s life.

    Story Idea #9

    Just to let you know, this is from my science book. I didn’t write this, but it makes for a great story idea. Try to write your version or ending to this story.

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    Random Story Thoughts

    All day I have been coming up with some ideas for some stories, so I am going to follow Mr. Gifford’s instructions and scribble a few of them down because I don’t actually have the time to write. (I have to babysit from 6:00AM-5:00PM tomorrow, and yes, that means that I can’t make it to Matt’s party.) These are all separate thoughts for separate stories and will not entirely make sense to you…

  • dragon coming out of nowhere on a drive in the middle of nowhere
  • an area that nobody ever crosses by a village
  • related can only see the ghost