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Commission your own original artwork, designs, graphics, and more! Standard commissions are the fastest and easiest way to order custom artwork from Noelle M. Brooks and include her most iconic styles. Order your own custom piece of artwork from one of Noelle’s pre-existing series with pre-defined options.

Custom Commissions

Customize Every Detail

Interested in something different from the standard commissions? Completely customize your order with a custom commission! Specify every detail and even request odd jobs. Complete the form below to request a free, no-obligation price quote and expected date of completion. Please include as much information as possible about your request.

The Process

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    Request a free, no-obligation price estimate and confirm final details.

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    Receive PayPal Invoice and send first payment.

  • Artwork Created

    View preview of completed commission.

  • Final Payment

    Send final payment.

  • Shipping

    Receive digital files of commission. Commission shipped if applicable.

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After 3 years, I finally requested the shipment of my art. I was worried that Noelle would no longer have them and lots of other thoughts were going through my mind, picturing every worse-case-scenario.

Of course, Noelle was quick to reply, and happy to mail my commissions to me as soon as possible. They were delivered quickly and packaged with care. Noelle’s customer service is exceptional and her art is just as amazing. The care she puts into all she does is evident and the quality is never lacking. She is one of the most kind and friendly people I know.

Noelle is an amazing person and a fantastic artist with amazing service and professionalism. If you’re looking for a commission of almost any kind, whether it’s your pet, traditional, digital, a mythical creature, or even a simple space scene, Noelle is your girl 100%.

Thank you for all the love you’ve given me and the rest of the community, Noelle!


I have asked Noelle to create art for my twitch stream on several occasions. Every time I ask her to make me something it turns out better than I could have imagined on my own. She not only does what she is commissioned to do very skillfully, she improves the concepts given her. Another thing is that she is constantly getting better and better. Get her to do some work for you fast before her works start costing millions to commission!

Customer Service, Quality

Very helpful and friendly staff!!!! Thanks

M. H.

I have worked with Noelle & when I subscribed to her Twitch channel, she sent me a lovely interpretation of my studio cat, Inara. I only just realized she also sent links to where I could order products customized with this art. Yikes. Now I wanna burn a hole in my pocket on a set of mugs or something. I guess that’s good… (She rocks the traditional and the digital!)

Noelle is very easy to work with; she asks lots of questions to ensure that all components of the request are met. Noelle came highly recommended to me and I am very glad to have chosen her for my commission.


Noelle has created many beautiful pieces of art for me that I proudly display in my home. Her skill set is broad, ranging from work with charcoal to markers, and even ballpoint pen. Everything she conjures into existence with her hands is absolutely stunning.

Noelle has made a charcoal pet portrait of my dog and achieved a sense of realism I had never seen from any other artist. It’s like my dog sits there, smiling at me from on the paper. She has also done a charcoal portrait of my grandmother’s cat that nearly brought my grandmother to tears because it felt like the cat was alive again, standing right next to her.

Noelle’s work is simply magnificent.


Noelle is such a talented individual who never ceases to go above and beyond in her art. Every material she touches, she can use to make outstanding masterpieces. Over the past year, I have yet to see her make one subpar artwork. I treasure every piece she has made for me whether it is the Alolan Marowak and Golurk Fusion, the Dragonite, the Oshawott Pikachu Fusion, the Entei Typhlosion Fusion, the Tangrowth Palossand Fusion, the Coatimundi, or the Blue Cayman Iguana (my favorite). Not only does she put everything into her art, she puts everything into the amazing community she has built. Her kindness and sincerity makes her channel, Creative, and Twitch such a wonderful place. I look forward to commissioning her in the future and I cannot wait to see what beautiful things she comes up with. nmbLove


I’ve been a long time viewer and art fan of Noelle.
Recently, I decided to commission Noelle with this Quetzal bird. I personally don’t know much about art. With that being said, I relied on Noelle’s expertise in order to come to a conclusion on how I wanted the Quetzal. I expressed to her my ideas and she would explain different styles she would be able paint. The bird and why some ways are better than other. Noelle’s communication made this experience a very awesome one. I love the how the Quetzal bird came out. I would definitely recommend her.


Noelle is amazing. Her art is a thing of beauty. I have enjoyed watching the art fly off the page live on Twitch and am excited to have subbed and own a piece of her work. Trying to figure out what I would like to have her draw next is a challenge, but whatever I choose I know it will be awesome.


Reliable, trustworthy, and talented.
Very high quality, lots of details. Very professional work.


I have to tell you “Disembodiment” brought tears to my eyes when I saw it. It’s painful in a beautiful way.
I’m very excited that it is the first print I have ordered from Neonmob. Thank you for sharing your art.

Jennifer Pinheiros

Phenomenal artist with very professional procedure for taking commissions. Absolutely loved the constant communication and amazing work.
I will definitely be recommending Noelle to others for her incredible art!


I would just like to say a quick word about Noelle and her work. I have been watching her for about 6-7 months now on! She’s such a huge inspiration with how dedicated and hard she works on every single art piece. I’ve had the privilege to watch her grow as she tackles bigger and more advanced pieces. I was gifted (by a friend that also loves Noelle) an oil painting that she created for me. And it’s now the center piece of my bedroom. I will treasure it for years and years to come. All in all her work has truly touched my life and has given me great joy! Thanks.

Julie Wheelock

Noelle is a wonderful person that does amazing artwork. She is also fun to watch as she does her artwork. I thought Silver the Lucario was beautiful on stream, but now that she has come in I think she is even more beautiful in person. Noelle did amazing work on her. I can tell that she had fun doing her as much as I enjoyed watching her create her sketch. Keep up your amazing work, Noelle, and don’t ever change.


I have purchased five drawings of Noelle’s and have been very pleased with each of them. Three were live stream auction purchases, one was from this website, and one was a charcoal commission of the dog I grew up with, Rambo. I knew the quality of Noelle’s work from watching her Twitch stream, but seeing the process of drawing Rambo brought back so many good memories (along with the positivity and professionalism of her stream) made the experience much deeper and more meaningful than I had anticipated. The drawing itself is magnificent and captures everything I loved about Rambo’s face. The YouTube video is just as high quality as the drawing and was a must-have for me to show my family how it was created and gives them a taste of the feelings I felt watching Noelle work.

Noelle’s professionalism extends into the business side of her work. She clearly takes this very seriously to ensure an easy and thoughtful buying experience. From the initial request to the delivery and the inclusion of an itemized receipt that summarizes the contract, the communication was clear and timely, the deadlines were completed early, and the piece itself will be something I cherish. I highly recommend Noelle for any commission work!

Tom Olsen

After following Noelle’s streams on Twitch, I decided to commission her to make a portrait of my daughter’s new dog. I asked her what mediums she thought would be best and she was very helpful in the decision to go with charcoal. This was for a Christmas gift but Noelle was all booked up until after the end of the year. I decided to give it as a gift that my Daughter could watch and participate in after Christmas. Noelle let me pick a specific date so my daughter would know when to watch. She was very nice to my daughter and asked her opinion throughout the process. She did a wonderful job of capturing “Lucy” and made her look like she was alive. I recommend Noelle to anyone needing artwork for any occasion!


Noelle is a passionate, dedicated and wonderful artist. Her livestreams are always fun, relaxing and enjoyable; truly something to look forward to at the end of the day! The two pieces of art I have had commissioned were certainly not straightforward or easy requests, but Noelle has done a fantastic job at listening to what I wanted from the artwork, as well as putting her own, unique creative spin in to both pieces. I am delighted with them and would recommend both Noelle’s streams and off-stream commissions to anyone out there. She is extremely versatile and talented in many different mediums. I would like to thank her for all that she does and gives back to the community!


Noelle’s attention to detail and determination to make her work as good as she possibly can ensures that every piece she produces is a gem.
She puts a lot of love into her work, and it shows through in all of the work I’ve seen of hers thus far.

I must say it has been an amazing experience to work with Noelle M. Brooks. She has this uncanny ability to understand exactly what you are looking for with just a few details. I am one of those people who have quite a hard time distinguishing what I am looking for when I commission a piece. From the art piece of my break dancing turtle Pokémon, to the Pokémon ATC’s and most impressively my new logos and business cards, Noelle has really expressed exactly what I imagined.

I can’t begin to explain how happy I am with these new business cards and logos. Your take on making my brand look more professional really has given me a lot of confidence with this new business I am starting. Thank you again, there are not enough words to express my gratitude to you, nor are the enough words to explain how amazing your work is!

So, I found Noelle through a friend who had found her on Twitch and I was immediately impressed with her passion and her demeanor. She is such a sweet and generous artist and creator. She worked with me on a piece that she honestly knew very little about and was still willing to put the same effort she did to other works. It took twice as long as she expected it to and yet through it all she was still smiling and chuckling as we spoke on the livestream it was made on. I would recommend Noelle to anyone and everyone who would want an artwork or design work done or who would just want a peaceful experience all around. Noelle you are wonderful. Stay awesome.


Noelle’s passion shines through not only in her artwork but also how she conducts business in a professional and courteous manner. She listens to her clients’ requests without sacrificing quality or her art style. Her artwork speaks for itself and anyone would be proud to display it in their homes. I am honored to own two of her paintings myself.


Noelle is an artist that you can tell is truly passionate about the work she produces.
I had an extremely pleasant experience receiving my drawing from her and definitely plan on getting more art done and working with her again!


Noelle M. Brooks should be the next motivator; almost everything about her is motivation. Her having a dream, and having it almost shattered, but she did not gave up. Having so much happening in her life and in the end she stands tall, to losing so much money, to a car that she ended up not having, all the haters that make rude comments on her art. Her art is one of the things I look forward to in her streams, and no matter what, I support Noelle.

Scott LambertNTW88

Noelle is a wonderful artist that you can always trust to deliver a well thought out piece on time.
I have been a fan of her art for about six years now and she is truly amazing at what she does.

Josh B.

I recently commissioned Noelle for a portrait that I have been wanting for quite some time now. She not only made the process easy, but actually enjoyable as well. She kept me involved with the entire process as well as making it affordable for me. Not only was the portrait a very accurate depiction of my mom, but it was sent out to my home in a very timely manner. Noelle is not only a very talented artist, but a very generous person as well. Thank you, Noelle, for making my experience with you an extraordinary one.


Awesome designer and drawer. She did a great job on my re-branding for Twitch. Very pleased with it and I plan to commission her more often. She will be my only designer and when I get emotes, I’ll have her do them, too. I recommend her to anyone needing any type of art done.


I hired Noelle to do a realistic charcoal portrait of my dear friend’s mother. My friend lost her mother a little over a year ago to cancer. The portrait is a sentimental gift. Noelle’s work is amazing. Noelle was so kind. She worked from an aged photo and captured my friend’s mother beautifully. The artwork is high quality, realistic, and more than we could have asked for. Not only did Noelle finish the portrait in a timely manner, she was professional and very affordable. She is very kind and flexible. She communicated with me during the commission to meet our specific needs.
I would highly recommend Noelle Brooks for any artistic commissions.


It has been truly a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic artist and entrepreneur as yourself. Also, I am extremely grateful for your generosity in your dealings with us. You have been very accommodating and organized in your business with us and very easy to work with without ever meeting in person. I am also thankful for your sound, decisive artistic advice and patience with us as we strove to come to a decision.

The portrait is beautiful! What a great tribute to two great people who have done so much for us both by their monetary generosity and their inspirational example! Whatever doubts we may have had about your portrait painting ability have been soundly put to rest.

I am so glad for you that your first work was a tribute to those who have done so much to support you (and us and so many others) in their life goals and educational endeavors. What a fitting, beautiful way to begin your career! Thank you so much, too, in helping us to commemorate this great couple and complete our Terry Senior Gift.

Tommy MarchettiTexas A & M University: Terry Scholars Student OrganizationThe Terry Foundation

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