Chapter 6

Silence hovered over the valley without the breath of one person. Life seemed to come to a rest as I watched the people around me suddenly realize what was happening. No one moved. No one spoke. No one blinked. Eyes grew wide with fear. Mouths fell open in astonishment. Then the panic finally set in.

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Chapter 5

I glanced over my shoulder to stare at my people. Their faces were filled with astonishment as their jaws dropped and their eyes widened. I noticed young children pull on their mothers’ clothing and point past me. Tears of joy began to fall from tired eyes as happiness spread over us. As we entered the lost city, a feeling of relief released the burden from my shoulders. I turned my head to join my people staring in awe at the wondrous sight before us. I smiled as I thought of the angel that had led us here. He was right! He was right! We were here! Here at last! Glancing up to the bright sky overhead, I quietly whispered, “Thank you. Thank you so very much.”

Oh, it was a sight to see!

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Qurk Profile – Zanthyr

I have created a new species of Qurk that will be in my following stories. This new species is called a Zanthyr and have come to Our World with the other Qurks. After seeing the destruction and sorrow brought to our planet, they have joined together in an alliance against the remaining Qurks. Basically, they are on our side and are helping us. Feel free to create your own designs with this alien species and use them in your own stories.

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Chapter 4

“That is right. Keep coming. Come to Petra. Bring your people. Take them with you. Bring them. Bring them to Petra. Keep coming. You are almost there. Do not lose faith. Do not lose hope. Bring them. Bring your people to Petra.” The angels voice softly faded away into the depths of my dream as he smiled his sweet, embracing smile and radiated a golden glow that brought joy and tranquility to my soul. The angel waved his arm, bathed in robes of white, as my dream began to ripple like the precious waters of the oasis. Once again my eyes rested on the intricate designs of the rocky temples hidden within the deep valley. The protective, stone buildings that protruded from the canyon walls lay dormant, waiting within their lost location. Waiting with great patience…

Suddenly, my dream was abruptly disturbed as I awakened with deep fear. I had heard a sound. I glanced around at my people huddled together for warmth as they slept through the bitter, desert night. Many were awake as they searched the skies overhead. The same look of solicitude was expressed on their faces, as on mine. They had heard the sound too.

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Chapter 3

It was noon, and the heat was stifling. As I pulled my kaffiyeh around my head to shield myself from the sun’s rays, I glanced over my shoulder. My people were with me. They were following me to Petra, and they trusted me as their leader. I felt a sense of pride, as if I was needed, as I rode on in the lead. My father rode alongside me with his chin held high. I was bringing great honor to the family.

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Chapter 2

Petra! Papa, Petra is the place that we are to travel to! We must leave now!” I argued. “He came to me once more! The angel, sent by God, appeared in my dream again last night!

“Is this the truth, my Namir?” he asked, not convinced.

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Chapter 1

It came to me in a dream as its magnificent glory stunned me. Why had this marvelous being chosen me? I was of no importance. I was just a poor young man of about ten and seven living with my mother and father in the small village of Ibleen. My family had been one of the lucky few that had survived the first few attacks from the invading Qurks. They had come before, stealing people to mine for copper and leaving us to wait for our chosen date in fear. The life had been drained from my village and the small roads lay still and quiet. We sat waiting, unsure of what to do or where to go. There was nowhere for us to go. Ibleen was located near a small oasis out in the Jordan Desert, and there is no civilization or water for miles around. We were trapped there to wait for the end…

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