I have created a new species of Qurk that will be in my following stories. This new species is called a Zanthyr and have come to Our World with the other Qurks. After seeing the destruction and sorrow brought to our planet, they have joined together in an alliance against the remaining Qurks. Basically, they are on our side and are helping us. Feel free to create your own designs with this alien species and use them in your own stories.

NOTE: This drawing is my own character, Equanox. Please do not use this exact design.

Kingdom: Qurk
Phylum: ?
Class: ?
Order: ?
Family: ?
Genus: ?
Species: Zanthyr
Languages: Zanthyrian / learns the language of any creature it transforms into
Diet: small animals such as birds, rodents, and small mammals / needs at least 1 small animal per day / does not eat large meals to last a while / eats light
Agility: reaches speeds up to 50 miles per hour / excellent agility and flexibility
Size: a newborn Zanthyr stands at about 3 1/2 feet tall and is about 5 feet long from snout to tip of tail/ full grown Zanthyrs stand from 7-8 feet tall and are about 12 feet long from snout to tip of tail
Eyesight: can see great distances in desolate areas / can not see well in darkness (about as well as a human can)
Hearing: excellent earing, can hear very subtle sounds / can seperate sounds such as a single voice in a crowd
Sense of Smell: about the same as a human’s
Intelligence: about the same as a human’s
Tempermant: usually very tranquil and calm / do not attack unless in defense / usually quiet
Noises: capable of speech / cries with a loud, dinosaur-bird mix bellow, starts low and shoots to a high pitch
Defenses: usually unarmed, rely on claws, teeth, etc. / armor usually worn over the forearms, forelegs, and forehead down to snout / not skilled with weapons other than spears and staffs
Power: overall not very powerful / strong back legs enable Zanthyrs to travel great distances for long periods of time / powerful lungs to carry oxygen easily while running
Lives: open areas such as plains, meadows, and deserts
Weather Resistance: can withstand desert heats / can not survive in cold temperatures, high altitudes, and snowy areas
Born: hatch from eggs after about 6 months/ mother abandons her single egg to live on its own / most Zanthyrs do not know their parents
Abilities: transformation – can transform into any living form for about three hours / while in an unatural state, energy is continuosly drained until it passes out after about three hours / energy slowly returns when in its alien form / still has own thoughts and memories, and will keep the knowledge it obtains while in an unatural form / will learn the language of the transformed being and still know the language when in its alien form / dream control – can control another being’s dreams if it concetrates on the being / must have seen the being before / must meditate in a quiet place without disturbances to dream control / afterwards, must rest to regain energy
Physical Traits: long snout / scales covering entire body / 2 long elf-like ears / long neck / long, slender body / 2 large hind legs, hips branch past backbone / 4 claws on front hands, 3 long, 1 thumb-like, able to grasp and pick up items with 2 front hands / 3 claws on back feet, spread far apart for balance, unable to grasp or pick up items / long tail, sometimes has accessory at the tip, usually 2/3 the length of the body / 2 arms, shorter than back legs / upright spine / dorsal fin protruding from top-back of head / 4 long canines near front of mouth, 2 on top, 2 on bottom, smaller teeth in back / medium-sized eyes / sometimes has a small horn on the tip of the snout / colors and markings vary / small nostrils can close to keep dust, dirt, etc. out / large chest sticks out, large lungs and rib cage / (built similar to a parasaurolophus/raptor mix)

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