La Reina Mora: Bold Painting, Proud Dancer

When first viewing Robert Henri’s painting, La Reina Mora, one notices a lone dancer, posing within a bright light emanating from an unseen source. Contrasted against the dark and obscure background, the woman stands boldly with her hands resting on her hips in an assertive stance, the only subject and focal point within the piece. Staring out past the viewer, she bares a complacent look upon her face, appearing as if she is posing for a portrait.

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So Much More

One’s view on art is constantly changing. New perspectives are introduced and viewpoints are challenged, constantly creating questions and uncertainties. By experiencing, witnessing, and viewing art, one can enhance his view on the world, but may also transform the lens through which he perceives. I experienced this transformation after attending Ry Rocklen’s presentation at the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas in Austin on September 16, 2010. From this presentation, my view on art was questioned and my overall appreciation of art was increased, expanded, and strengthened.

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