One’s view on art is constantly changing. New perspectives are introduced and viewpoints are challenged, constantly creating questions and uncertainties. By experiencing, witnessing, and viewing art, one can enhance his view on the world, but may also transform the lens through which he perceives. I experienced this transformation after attending Ry Rocklen’s presentation at the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas in Austin on September 16, 2010. From this presentation, my view on art was questioned and my overall appreciation of art was increased, expanded, and strengthened.

At first, I was slightly skeptical because the presentation did not begin as scheduled and a man kept messing with the laptop at the front of the auditorium. I felt it was somewhat unprofessional, but when it began, I realized that it emphasized the presenter’s personality. The man turned out to be Ry Rocklen, a contemporary artist with a quirky nature and fun-loving character. Somewhat fumbling throughout his presentation, he presented slides after slides of his tedious artwork. From an untrained eye, one would witness a folded mattress, a crumpled sweater, and a filthy curtain, but from the unique perspective that Mr. Rocklen contained, ordinary and abandoned objects were “found” and restored to bring about new meaning and new life. Passionate about his pieces, Mr. Rocklen stated that he enjoyed the simplicity of his art, explaining that “anybody could do it.” You just have to work, appreciate, and envision what could be.

After exiting the auditorium and witnessing Ry Rocklen’s odd take on artwork, I found myself suddenly viewing everything around me with a new perspective. Passing a fallen tree outside, I saw art. Walking past a bike rack, completely overtaken with bikes, I saw art. Staring at the organized pattern of the parking lot lines, I saw art. Everywhere, all around, there are objects. They may be ordinary objects, if that’s what you want to call them…or they could be something more, so much more…

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