I can be green. I can be brown.
I can look colorful or dull.
Not only can I come in different colors, I can also come in different shapes.
In the water or on the land, I can live just about anywhere!
Though no matter where I live, I always have my home on my back,
Allowing me to take life slowly as I please.
What am I?

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Answer: [ Turtle ]

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I am always served at a table,
Usually of 2, but sometimes of 4.
I am always small with a pearly exterior.
What am I?

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Answer: [ PingPong Ball ]

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I can appear to sweep and sway in a varied motion.
Mystery and wonder always seem to follow me.
I can appear gray to some and blue to others.
I can roll although I am not solid.
Only from a distance can I be viewed.
However you may chase me, I am always just a bit ahead.
Swamps and other humid places are what I normally call home.
What am I?

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Answer: [ Fog/Mist ]

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People like to take pictures of me for some reason.
Perhaps it’s because I lay so still and quiet.
I can look majestic in a way and some find me beautiful.
I lie everywhere, although I look different in each new place.
Although I am called the same everywhere, my title can change.
With varying heights and varying lengths, I can have a unique look everywhere.
With famous structures, I am easily recognized.
I am usually gazed upon from a distance.
What am I?

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Answer: [ Cityscape ]

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I swirl and I swirl, never seeming to stop.
Loops and loops on top of each other.
I can be large, but I can also be small.
I can vary in a few different ways.
Sometimes my loops are broken and do not connect.
Every preschool student should know what I am.
What am I?

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Answer: [ Number 8 ]

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With my shiny surface, I look almost brand new.
My coat matches that of rich blood.
You can follow my curves around and around.
There is but one interruption in my skin, dipping down.
I come from a larger object and can create even more.
My insides are lush, yet very vulnerable.
I bruise easily so watch where you put me.
What am I?

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Answer: [ Apple ]

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Just two more hours of school, I thought to myself. Just two more hours. I shut my locker door with a metallic slam and was surprised to see a cheerful-looking person standing beside me. With a bright smile on her face, the girl looked happy to see me although I couldn’t remember ever seeing her before. “Hello!” she exclaimed as her cheeks glowed red with happiness. “I’m Lindsey! Who’re you?” The girl stood unusually with her back straight up as if she had a board tied to it and her arms lay to the side with no motion. Her head was held high with a smile that overcame her face. I thought of how odd she stood with so much joy that radiated around her. She looked so…happy.

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