With my shiny surface, I look almost brand new.
My coat matches that of rich blood.
You can follow my curves around and around.
There is but one interruption in my skin, dipping down.
I come from a larger object and can create even more.
My insides are lush, yet very vulnerable.
I bruise easily so watch where you put me.
What am I?

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Answer: [ Apple ]

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  1. Matt, Associate in Arms
    Matt, Associate in Arms says:

    It starts like an alphabet, in name and in deed
    The seconds to pip, a fruitish type seed
    the third is pear or two in the tree,
    the forth is the light by which you can see.
    the fifth is the start of everyones end…
    Does this riddle answer your question, my friend?

  2. JonH
    JonH says:

    AH,but at Lst i knew nothing at all but ppeople are so eprdictiing that i have never thought that in al my time you could be so forgiving.


  3. Jordan B.
    Jordan B. says:

    The answer is indeed a fruit, but of what kind? No, there is only one logical answer.
    There for the answer can only be one type of fruit. Actually I was wrong there are more than one type of fruit that could be a logical answer. It is now up to you to decide which one it is.

    It could be an apple, a raspberry, a cranberry, or a cherry. There may be more possible answers, but this are the ones I could think of.


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