Here is a story that I wrote when I was eight years old that was actually inspired by the book, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen which I read in second grade. Please note that I have not run this through Spell Check and have purposely left in all of the grammar and spelling mistakes to show you how much I have improved in the last six years of my life. Each page of this story was complete with illustrations, but I am just going to leave those out.

It was a beautiful sight. The dolphins were jumping in and out of the ocean. Nine year old Zed, was watching them sway through the ocean by the large boat. He was going to Hawaii for vacation. He was just relaxing in his chair staring over the boat watching the dolphins. He was enjoying his trip so far. One day a terrible storm rose.

It made the boat flip over! Zed’s parents took a life boat but he drifted away in the ocean. A big wave knocked him unconsious. He woke up on a deserted island. He looked everywhere and saw the boat. He went inside and found a mechanical map. (Place it on the ground, and it will show you where you are.) He set it up, but it said “Can’t find. Unknown,” on the screen. Zed was now stuck on an unkown island. His vacation was ruined.

While he was walking, Zed was looking up at all the trees. In one of the palm trees, sat a small brown monkey. Zed climbed the tree, and took it down. It was really smart! The monkey jumped out of Zed’s hands, and did a backflip! He jumped, but landed on his hands! “I’ll name you silly monkey, Bonzo,” said Zed. Zed had a new companion.

Because Zed was thirsty, Bonzo and him stopped at a little pond to get a drink. Zed was so hot and thirsty, that he jumped in the pond and took a swim. Bonzo climbed a tree, and back flipped into the pond. When Zed was drying off, an angry moose came out of the bushes. He snorted a few times then started charging at everything that moved. Bonzo ran away but Zed jumped in the pond. Zed figured out that it was a water moose, because it stomped him in the pond. Zed was hurt all over. He felt like he through a rock at a thousand wasps. He was hurt and alone.

Zed decided to make a little hut to keep shelter. He made a door, shelves, a chair, and a table. He would collect food he would find later on, and put them on the shelves. He could place things down on the table. Without Bonzo, he was feeling really lonely and homesick. He made a little robot out of wood to help him.

*I just all of a sudden lost interest. If anybody reads this and asks me to continue, I might.*

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