The sun was brightly shining through the clear glass of the window, beaming brightly across Martin’s shoulder as he sat in his usual chair, at his usual time, on a usual Sunday afternoon, just after he had eaten his usual breakfast. Martin was not a man of any interest as he went about his common routine. On this day, he had just finished eating his breakfast and had seated himself within the plushy armchair of no color, at which he would sit every cheery Sunday afternoon. Reaching to the small, wooden side table that rested at his side, he pulled the latest newspaper from the pile and unfolded it out before him. As he sat comfortably under the luminescence of the sun, he felt comforted within the heat that warmed him and quietly caught up on the latest news. He felt as if he was in total control as he reigned over his house and enjoyed his day.

There on the couch beside Martin’s armchair rested one who thought and felt the same as Martin did. As he dozed on the sofa without a care in the world, he too felt he bore total control over everything. He felt that he was superior over the house and over Martin as he bathed in the sun’s warm, embracing glow bearing a slight grin upon his face. As Milo continued his usual Sunday afternoon routine, he too felt comforted and content.

Just then, an unexpected phone call broke the usual routine within the quiet house and caused Martin to jump from his chair, almost knocking his reading glasses from their resting place at the end of his nose. Milo opened one eye to glance to Martin as he picked up the phone that rested on the table beside him. As he placed the phone against the side of his face, Martin began to fold his newspaper and return it to its place upon the table. “Hello?” he asked into the receiver.

Milo glanced to Martin with a look of boredom before he blocked out his voice and returned his head to its comfortable position on the couch. With a great yawn, he returned into his slumber.

“Yeah, I named him, Milo.” Milo’s ears suddenly perked him from his sleep as he heard his name. “Yes, he’s a great cat. You should see all the things he does!” Just then, Martin turned to stare at his cat who rested on the couch. “Come here, Milo!” He patted his lap while twisting his voice to make it a much higher pitch as he widened his eyes and called for his pet. “Come here!”

Milo glanced at his owner with a drowsy look. After rising to his feet he stretched his forearms out, flexing his forefingers and opening his mouth with a wide yawn before pouncing down from the couch and strolling to the foot of the armchair. He instantly gave a meow as he approached Martin and was automatically rewarded with a treat.

“Did you hear that? He comes to me when I call him!” exclaimed Martin into the phone. “You know, he is just the sweetest cat ever. He’ll join me at night, keeping me company, and he’ll even jump into my lap while I am sitting down. Isn’t that adorable?” Just then, Milo gave another meow, widening his eyes with a slight frown. “Aaaah, and he does this face that I can’t help but give a treat to…” he continued giving another treat to his cat.

As Milo grew bored of his owner’s baby talking, he walked to the back door and pawed at it, staring up at his owner with his persuasive eyes. “Oh, hold on a sec,” spoke Martin into his phone. “Milo wants out.” Moving from his armchair, he slowly followed his cat to the door and opened it as his cat leapt from the house and out into the fresh, morning air.

“Finally!” meowed Milo as he pranced through the quaint backyard and squeezed under the fence with Martin closing the portal behind him. “Martin can be such a drag!” He decided to prowl the streets as he walked past his neighbor’s house and continued under the tree-lined street. Taking in a deep breath, Milo felt refreshed and calm. His morning nap had felt comforting and now he had enough energy to run about.

After a few minutes of relaxing beneath the shade that the trees offered from the blazing heat of the sun, he heard a crash from behind him. Quickly turning, he found a metal trashcan had been tipped over, spewing its contents upon the street. There was no one around that could have moved it. “Who’s there?” he cried out. When no reply came to him, Milo decided to disregard the strange event and continued on his way down the sidewalk.

Suddenly, as he turned from his glance at the garbage bin, he ran into a skinny, gray tabby that had snuck up on him. “What are you doing here?” hissed the cat as he jumped back. His claws retracted as his fur puffed up to make himself appear more aggressive.

“Me?” questioned Milo. “I live here. What are you doing here, you-” he paused to glance over the cat finding that his coat was mangled and ragged along with the whiskers that spread from his muzzle. His body was underfed and malnourished as his overgrown claws curled over his paws.

“Alley cat?” answered the cat, before Milo. “You live here, eh?” he asked with a sneer while curling his lips and twitching his whiskers. “You’re a house cat then, aren’t ‘cha?”

“Well, I live in a house,” answered Milo.

“House? Who would ever want to do that? What’re you doing living in there?”

“I have a great life in that house,” replied Milo, sharply. “I even own a human,” he boasted as he stuck out his chest.

“A human? How do you own a human?” asked the alley cat with a look of disbelief.

“I don’t really remember when I got him, but he’s mine right now. I call him Martin and he’s a great human. Whenever I want a treat, I just walk to him and tell him so,” bragged Milo.

“What? If you just ask him for food, he’ll give it to you?”

“Yeah, and if I want a massage, I just have to jump in his lap. He’ll just stroke me and it feels so good!”

“Pfft…” moaned the alley cat. “Who would want that, anyways?”

“I also get to sleep on this couch and bed whenever I please.”

“What? How can you do all of those things?” The alley cat seemed interested as his large, gray eyes widened with astonishment.

“Like I said,” began Milo. “Martin is a great human. He’ll do anything I tell him to.”

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