I am sorry that I haven’t been on lately…I really don’t know why, but I haven’t drawn, written, or read a lot lately. I don’t really know what I am doing with my time. Well, I wake up at 7:00 every Monday through Friday and have no parents at home until 3:00, so I will have plenty of quiet-time to write on those days and I am planning to. There is no way that I will not finish my end-of-the-year book submission. I am totally going to finish it…I just have to start…

Anyway, this week from May 27th to June 2nd, 2007, I only managed to scribble down 890 words.

I only read about 5 more pages of Timeline, written by Michael Crichton.

That’s really bad and I am really ashamed of myself. I don’t know if it counts, but I also read 60 pages of a game guide. I am really hoping that I will write this week and the rest of the summer…this just isn’t turning out how I thought that it would…

"Timeline" by Michael Crichton

“Timeline” by Michael Crichton

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  1. Mr. G
    Mr. G says:

    That summer time is a tough one to combat. It stops the best of us from actually accomplishing stuff. I haven’t gotten much done at all.

    • Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      Well, I have actually done a lot of stuff that I haven’t gotten around to lately, but for some reason, my writing is down… I don’t exactly know why, but I plan to fix it!

      Thanks for stopping by, good inspiration.

  2. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    I haven’t gotten a whole lot done, either. But, as I learned this week, inspiration can strike from the most unusual places! Keep up the faith, Noelle!


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