Dead Hope

I found an online poetry contest thing and although I haven’t written poetry for years as I’m not very good in that area, I decided to give it a shot just because I don’t have much time for anything else right now. I recently found out that I am pretty good with iambic pantameter though… I managed to scribble this down while I was babysitting today just thinking over some things…Also, note that I have no idea how punctuation in poetry works.

When all is lost and
Hope is out of reach,
There is no light to
Penetrate the dark.
No hope, no life to
This depressing state.
I’m all alone here
On this darkened path,
Here to find a way
Through it all myself.
A strange, unknown pain
Rests inside of me,
Aching and tearing
At my soul within.
Hard to concentrate
Hard to keep focus,
My mind is all full
Of many strange thoughts,
Mysterious and
So misunderstood.
They don’t feel as if
They belong to me,
Unclaimed and unowned
Searching just like me.
I don’t know what to
Do in my life here.
Bright plans ahead fade
Into the abyss.
Values of life are
Beginning to change.
The solid script’s ink
Wavering away,
Swirling and twisting
To form a new plan.
I find no comfort
Here stress strangles me,
Choking the very
Life right out of me.
My interests are
No longer pleasing.
Entertainment can
No longer find me.
What is it that
Is happening to me?
Could this all be my
Are the pains really
Only in my mind?
I can no longer
Walk this path alone.
I need another
To help me with this.
I cannot go on
It’s become too much.
Why has my hope left
Why must you have died?
For a moment on
This path you were there,
Encouraging and
Helping all you could.
You were always there
When I needed you.
But now you have left
Died away from me.
I know that we all
Must go at some point,
No one can stay in
One place forever,
But why must it have
Been you to leave me?
My newly found hope
Taken far away.
Never may I see
You when I need help.
I must learn to go
On forward once more.
I’ve done it before
I can do it now,
Travelling onwards.
I will find new hope
To help lead me on.
I thank you so much
For all you have done.
I know that you have
Gone out of your way,
Easing the trail for
Me to crawl along.
Although difficult
To find you at first,
You were always there
Wandering in back.
I thank you again
As I remember.
There is no way for
Me to repay you.
Although this long trail’s
End is still shrouded,
I’ll search for a new
Hope along the way.
I can feel the slight
Release of the stress,
My eyes are starting
To reopen now.
I can learn to move
On and face life’s troubles.
True hope in this world
Can never die out.