"Veiled in Secrets" by Noelle Brooks

“Veiled in Secrets” by Noelle Brooks

Given the assignment in English 3 AP to write a poem giving ourselves a name that describes something about ourselves such as “Eats Too Much” or “Smiles When Sad,” I wrote this poem describing my hidden insecurities about life. We were told to decorate our assignment to be hung on the classroom wall, so I used my Photoshop abilities to make it all pretty. 😀 If you can’t see the image, the written poem follows.

It was her name that told of her hidden burden.
Misunderstood by many,
They fell for the disguise that obscured her true self.
She wished to tell,
But could not,
And found herself fighting what came from within.
Few knew of the unspoken,
Although she wished they all did.
It would be easier that way,
For the secrets to be thrown aside
Like a cloth from a table,
And for the hidden truth to come forth.
These secrets have molded her,
Creating what she is,
Scarring her, impossible to fully remove.
New fears have come from these burdens
Causing her to retreat into herself
And fear what others do not,
To fear life itself.
They do not know that there are reasons
To this shy and quiet girl who portrays a sense of innocence,
This frightened fox.
No one knows what’s in her mind, or buried in her past
For she is Veiled in Secrets.

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