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Well, I applied to Texas State University on November 23, 2009, trying to meet the scholarship deadline of December 15, but came across a whole lot of problems. :\ I don’t really want to go through it all, but Texas State was asking for things that my school was refusing to give me…Anyways, after many e-mails, phone calls, and application checking…the golden envelope finally arrived right before the new year.

I’ve been accepted to Texas State University in San Marcos! I will hopefully be attending this upcoming fall and will be majoring in Studio Art with All-Level Teacher Certification. Now, I just need to scrounge up all the money I can, a very difficult task…


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  1. josh
    josh says:

    lol i know you already told me, but congratulations again ^^ i really hope everything works out for you… best of luck, Noe 🙂


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