Change of Plans

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Saturday was kind of…an unplanned kind of day…

Well, kind of, sort of. xD

I actually had 2 different plans planned out for Saturday. It just depended on one thing: whether or not an auto shop could find 2 bolts.

So…Tuesday night, while my boyfriend, Nick, was driving home from school, the suspension in his car broke and he had to get it towed the next day to be repaired. By Friday, he was still not sure when it’d be fixed, but it was supposedly an easy fix and wouldn’t take much longer. He had planned to drive up to San Marcos to come visit me and not only was I hoping to see him, but I was also hoping he could help me fix my bike.

Texas State University vs. Southern Utah University

Texas State University vs. Southern Utah University

But, it turns out that the auto shop didn’t have the parts they needed to fix his car, so I had to resort to Plan B: Attend my First College Football Game and Tailgate.

Although this was Texas State’s 4th football game this year, and 3rd at home, it was my first one. xD Texas State was to play Southern Utah University. The Terry Scholars had a canopy set up at the tailgate for this game, too, so I also went to my first college football tailgate. I woke up this morning, my eyes still burning and my headache still present and first checked my texts to hear from Nick. I read the bad news, got up and dressed, and went over to Ellen’s room with Laura where Ellen and Taylor were making T-shirt dresses for the game. They had cut T-shirts to make the top of a dress, where the bottom was a grey material. There was a ribbon glued on where the T-shirt met with the grey material, kind of making a belt around the torso. They were just finishing up and Ellen was trying hers on.

Taylor's Homemade T-Shirt Dress

Taylor’s Homemade T-Shirt Dress

Ellen went into the bathroom with her dress and Taylor began gluing her ribbon on. Then, Laura, Taylor, and I heard giggling from the bathroom. Is that a good thing? After a few more minutes of giggling, Ellen came out of the bathroom with her dress half on. “Ribbon doesn’t stretch!” she exclaimed. Unfortunately, Ellen and Taylor had not thought about the fact that they would have to either step into the dress and pull it over their hips or pull it over their head and their chest. With the ribbon made to fit the torso, either way was just about impossible. Ellen was heartbroken when she had to bring out the scissors just to get her dress off.

Now in a regular T-shirt and shorts, Ellen waited with Laura and I, (wearing the same kind of outfit,) for Taylor to try her luck with her dress…After much squeezing and pulling, she managed to get her dress on, but figured she’d have to cut herself out, as well, after the game. But for now, we were all dressed and ready. We went over to San Jacinto Hall to wait for the bus, (right next-door to Tower,) but ended up waiting for about a half hour because we didn’t know that the Touchdown buses didn’t start until about 3:00PM. We finally made it to the Terry Tailgate around 3:30PM, just as Noel and my Terry Mentor, Tessa were leaving.

Laura and I quickly grabbed some hot dogs since we hadn’t eaten all day. I suddenly realized how shaky I had become. We took pictures and all stood around and talked while we waited for the game.

We found some good seats up near the top

We found some good seats up near the top

Around 4:30PM, we swiped into the Stadium. The guards made me empty my bottle of water and also searched my camera bag. There was a water fountain that I just filled my bottle back up with, though. They did give us free little hand towels though. Apparently, they give out different free stuff at all the games, and that’s what it was this time. Throughout the game, people would swing their towels above their heads.

We found some good seats up near the top where there was a bit of shade. By then, it was just Laura, Ellen, Wade, Taylor, her friends, Amber and Laura, and me. Monica and her friend were going to meet up with us a little closer to Game Time.

I took a bunch of pictures of the sky and the stadium until the game started. I love taking pictures.

I saw a bunch of people that had body paint. There was a whole group that had spelled out something like “Go TX ST Bobcats!” with a pawprint. Even girls had body paint on. xD I was just hoping that it didn’t rain because there was a 60% chance that night.

Bobcat Marching Band

Bobcat Marching Band

When the game started, the band ran out onto the field, led by the twirler girls, and played the Fight Song and Alma Mater. The Colorguard followed behind with maroon flags with gold pawprints on them. Everyone had stood up when the band appeared and remained standing for the National Anthem as the Air Force ROTC walked the colors across the field. Of course, I had expected that, but I wasn’t expecting for everyone to remain standing for the rest of the game… :O I also wasn’t expecting both of my camera batteries to die as soon as the game started. Oh well. I got some good shots before then.

So, for the entire game, I stood and watched…but I sat down ocassionally because my feet get sore easily for some reason. Monica filled me in about the rules of football because I didn’t understand a thing. There were some interesting plays and some frustrating fumbles and such. I’m really not that into football, though.

Supercat Flag

Supercat Flag

I really enjoyed when the Bobcats made a touchdown, though, because they would launch a firework each time. I love fireworks!! Oh, and they also bring out this giant maroon flag with a giant shiny gold supercat (bobcat logo) on it and wave it around the field until they start the next play. That flag is so pretty and it really gets the crowd pumped up. πŸ™‚

Everybody did sit down at Half Time, though. At Half Time, the Bobcat Marching Band performed their Marching Show, The Beatles. I don’t like the Beatles, and I thought that their marching was a little sloppy, but I did recognize “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” and “Hey, Jude.” “Hey, Jude” was the last song they played in the show and the crowd really got into it. The whole crowd was singing and standing up and waving their arms around. The Strutters performed before the band. They were dressed like cowgirls and were celebrating 51 years of Strutters. They’re the biggest college dance team in the nation. That’s pretty cool, I guess. For the rest of Half Time, the football teams practiced while the stadium was blasting music. They only played about 4 songs the whole night: Linkin Park’s new song, “The Catalyst”; Three Days Grace’s, “Let’s Start A Riot”, DJ Khaled’s, “All I Do Is Win”, and Taio Cruz’s, “Dynamite”.

Oh, and near the end of the game, our mascot, Boko, went crowd-surfing. He ended up next to where we were standing and a ton of people came crowding around us to take pictures with him. Monica and her friend really wanted a picture with him, but too many people kept snatching his attention! xD

At the end of the game, Laura and Wade had already left, and with 3 minutes left, Ellen and Taylor wanted to leave with me to beat the crowd. Monica stayed with her friend while Ellen, Taylor, her friends, and I left the stadium, boarded a bus, and rode back to the LBJ Student Center. Since we were all hungry, we went to Jones, and because the game had just left out by the time we got there, there wasn’t much of a crowd, unlike how it would be shortly.

I quickly went to the Italian restaurant because I was in the mood for pizza and they had a black olive and pepperoni pizza out! I quickly grabbed a slice with a breadstick and paid for my meal. I waited for a long time before Ellen, Taylor, and Taylor’s friends had gotten their food. We found a table and texted some friends to find out that Bobcats won 42 to 28. πŸ™‚

After eating, we returned to Tower and kind of just hung out and relaxed for the rest of the night.

I would have preferred Plan A to happen, but oh well. It was still a good day.