My, goodness! I haven’t written a blog post in a long while!

Everyone was telling me that the first few weeks of the semester, you’d feel like you had all the time in the world, and then BAM! You’re just all of a sudden busy all the time, non-stop, there’s always something to do, something to get done.

They were right.

So, I’ve been extremely busy. I told my best friend, Hannah, a few weeks ago that I’d call her when I was finished with my homework.

I haven’t called her yet.

I honestly have not finished my homework yet! Now, of course I’m getting everything turned in and completed when it needs to be. But as soon as I finish one assignment, another one is assigned to fill it’s place. I have literally not had a moment where I had no assignments to finish for weeks now. It’s crazy! lol

Man, and I’ve wanted to write on my blog…Lots of things have happened that I could have written about, but I just didn’t have time. I’ve also been staying up later to finish homework, so when I took the last hour before bed to write a blog post before, now I spend a few extra hours past bedtime to finish an essay, complete some artwork, or work on some math homework.

I’m doing all right, though. Like I said, I’ve been getting everything done, and I haven’t missed any assignments or anything. (There was one close-call, but that’s another story… ;D Maybe I’ll write about that one after November 17th…)

Anyways, as the semester is kind of coming to a close, I’m feeling just a slight lift in the amount of homework I’ve got, so maybe I can start writing again. Maybe I’ll actually be able to draw something for my own personal entertainment or write something creative! Matt, Jordan, and I have been talking about reviving our old writing club, Magic Pens, which would be awesome. I was all for it and just about to go all crazy and write a ton and get the club all running again, and then the next day I got homework. 🙁 But…Thanksgiving Break is soon and then Christmas Break after that! And so far, it doesn’t look like I have any Finals…so I might have a month and a half off for Christmas. 😀 That would be awesome.

If you’re reading this and wondering how I’m blabbing about not having any time to do anything, yet, here I am writing…It’s because I’m sitting in the ASB Building, waiting for my Intro to Fine Arts to begin. I’ve got about 15 minutes, and then the 3-hour class commences! Then I’ll go home…and do homework… xD So I figured I’d slap up a blog entry since I’ve got a computer in front of me. 🙂

-sigh- I’m kind of running out of topics now…without diving into something else. It feels good to be writing though, especially just a little blog entry like this, and not some extensive essay that takes me 30 minutes to compose a single sentence. I’m tired of those. xD I’ve just got one more big paper to write this week for my Philosophy class. I’ve already written 2. lol I also have 2 or 3 art assignments, 2 more math assigments, 2 math quizzes to take…oh and my project to plan for seminar class. I think that’s all I’ve got right at this moment…

And laundry, if that counts. xD

Ooh, I’m kind of looking forward to this weekend, although it’ll eat up my homework time. The Terrys are going to a retreat at University Camp. I don’t know what all it entails yet, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. Spending time with the Terrys is always fun. I love them so much. 🙂

Well, class is getting ready to start…One last class for the day, and I can get back to my homework and busy, busy life. lol It’s all good though. I’m still loving every minute of college. 🙂

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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    I’m glad you stopped to write this. I know this may sound weird, but doing things like this, in your slightly empty holes, if you have any, really help. I find for me that getting to school early for my Weight Training class not only get’s me a better parking spot, but gives me a chance to play pool, or Super Street Fighter IV, which I’m addicted to, and which helps me relax and not feel so stressed. I usually take about then minutes afterward to play and talk someone before I go home to get ready for work. At work I do homework during my fifteen minute breaks, and my hour lunch break, which helps me because there are people around and talking and working makes me work faster xD. When I get home, I usually take a few to do things on Facebook, so my body relaxes from a usually rough day at work, and then I dive into homework. I know I could use the Facebooking time to work, but I find I work better if I relax first. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have a two hour break between two of my classes, where I can usually knock out some homework, as well as practice piano, which is comforting and relaxing to me. When I go home, it’s usually dinner time, which gives me that relaxing time I like, and afterward I can dive into homework.

    I know most of this probably doesn’t apply to you, and you probably already know most of this, or where I’m going with it all, but what I’m trying to say, is that you should stop and take time to relax, and do the things you like, like writing. It helps make life go a little more smoothly, and a little less stress related. 🙂

    • Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      Yeah, you could be right…It’s just that I’ve always got so much work to do, and work should come before pleasure. I always think to myself, “If I get this homework assignment done, THEN I can do something fun,” and oftentimes, I don’t get it done until really late, or I start on a new assignment. It seems like there’s always something to do first, something more important.

  2. Jordan B.
    Jordan B. says:

    To Nick: LOL! “…about then minutes…” should have been “ten” not “then”. You added an “h” there. Not to mention all the other “missing” words.

    P.S. Sorry I just had to do that for some reason.
    That might have to do with Matt Wilson resurrecting the Magic Pens club(in a manner of speaking any way). It has my “critiquing” functions coming back online after so many years of disuse.

    To Noelle: He’s right, you know. You really should start writing again. I miss your old stories, they were fun to read and even “critique” at times. I’d look forward to reading more of your stories in the future.

    As Yoda might say, “Write more stories, you should”

    • Nick
      Nick says:

      No problem, with the critique, I get it enough from Noelle that I’m kind of used to it xD. I’m not that good of a writer, so I guess it doesn’t really bother me when people point out a mistake or two, *shrug*, but thank you anyway 🙂 I would correct it if there was a way.

    • Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      Gosh, I haven’t written something fictional in the longest time…it seems foreign to me…I would really love to just sit down and have the time to really work on something, though. I’ve actually noticed a decrease in my writing abilities since Magic Pens died. 🙁 It saddens me. Not to mention I love the close-knit community and the constant criticism and feedback that we’d get. Gosh, Magic Pens and having time to write was just one of the best times of my life.

  3. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    It’s okay that you haven’t called me yet ^^
    I know you’re busy so it’s perfectly fine… I still hope to get you here for your Spring Break 😀

    And OH MY GOSH I have noticed I don’t really write anything anymore since Magic Pens has died. I really miss it. And Ryan has been working on his book and I’ve really been wanting to write again because of it… And we should totally start a new writing club… I want to, I really want to… D:
    We don’t exactly have to associate it with any school or even call it Magic Pens, though. In fact I don’t even think it’s a choice at this point. We’re everywhere! xD
    So if you want to start a new blog based writing club I will TOTALLY back you up on it. And I could be like vice pres or something. lol

    • Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      lol We should totally do it! And of course it wouldn’t be affiliated with any school. Like you said, we’re all over the place, and most of us have graduated as well. But I don’t know…Magic Pens is just so…nostalgic and fitting, I guess. Better than “Writing Club.” xD And we’ve got that book published under that name. But if we wanted to come up with a different name, I guess we could.

      I totally wanted to make like a nice website, (or at least just fix up the one that we have at with nice illustrations and things to motivate people to start it up again. I just miss it so much. Matt Wilson and Jordan Bateman have started writing again. They’re trying to get it started up again, too.

      We’ll have to talk more about this when I have the time. Christmas Break! I’m off for an entire month or more!

    • Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      It’s a WordPress feature. Until January 4, you can click on the “Extras” section of “Appearance” from your Dashboard and check the box next to Show falling snow on my blog. (Only until January 4th.)

      • Jordan B
        Jordan B says:

        Remember that poem thing I wrote a while back?
        I now have a song that could describe the feelings behind it.
        “El 28” by La Oreja de Van Gogh, a spanish band. You may want to see the translated lyrics after hearing it for the first time.


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