Sensitive Being

Just a random thought…I noticed this today while I was taking a shower. xD

I reached for my body lotion and remembered that it says it’s for sensitive skin. I also have toothpaste that is for those who have sensitive teeth and gums. I have trouble eating ice cream or drinking soda with ice in it because it stings my teeth and gums, so I always use sensitive toothpaste. I also ask for no ice in my drinks, unless it’s water, and with the ice cream problem…I just can’t say, “No,” to ice cream. lol

So anyways, I was thinking about all of this and realized that I am just one really sensitive person.

I mean, I know that people tell me I’m all sensitive and emotional and such, but I had never thought about being sensitive both physically and mentally. I find it kind of mind-boggling. Well, hey, I am a Cancer…known for being sensitive and burrowing in the “crab shell” in all its insecurities to protect itself from the world. That’s pretty much me, in a way.

I had just never thought of being sensitive on the outside, too.