Eeee! I am so happy, right now! 🙂

So, today was kind of an unexpected day. Of course, it started out like usual…

I woke up at 7:00AM with my sore throat and cough even worse than when I went to sleep, (like every morning…makes mornings dreaded,) and went to Commons for breakfast. I had my Psychology class, then went to Basketball class. Our teacher/coach didn’t really have anything for us to do, so he just told us to shoot around. I was practicing individual shooting for a little while and barely made any shots. I haven’t thrown a basketball in a few years, and I wasn’t that good in the first place. xD Then a game started up with a few people that were shooting around me. It was 4 on 4, and I felt bad for the team that ended up with me. We didn’t keep score, so I don’t really know which team won, but I did feel proud that I made 2 pretty good shots. 🙂 Of course, the other people on my team made more shots and better shots, for that matter, but I was pretty proud of myself. So, it was after Basketball class, that my day changed…

Walking to the Den for some lunch, I ran into Shelby, one of the Terry Officers and we talked for a while. It was nice running into her, and it was nice to catch up on some of the Terry events coming up and going on, and such. It was nice to hear that we’re still doing Mentor/Mentee activities, especially since I had just hung out with my awesome mentor, Tessa, at Bible Study yesterday. 😀

So after running into Shelby, I ate lunch and started reading one of my Honors History textbooks. I was amazed at how interesting it was! I was actually enjoying reading it! I wasn’t finished with the chapter by the time I finished lunch, so I relocated to my favorite place to study: the Honors Coffee Forum. I love the open ceilings, low lighting, dark furniture, quiet environment, warm room, lovely smells, few people, and familiar faces there. The only thing that would make it even better, (and would totally fit the environment,) would be a fireplace! Anyways, I found a table and finished up my readings.

Now, I should have been prepared for it because she does it every time, but I wasn’t. When I’m reading or studying, I’m pretty absorbed, so when my Honors Seminar teacher, (and Director of the Honors Program,) Dr. Galloway pops up in my face, it always surprises me. xD “There’s an art meeting going on right there and you’re not there! Why are you not there?!” she asked.

“Uhh…” I had no idea what she was talking about. “I didn’t know there was an art meeting going on right there…”

She pointed about 2 tables away. “They’re discussing the gallery. You should introduce yourself to Linda!” Not only does the Honors Coffee Forum serve as the lobby of the Honors building, the Honors headquarters, a great study/nap/coffee place, but it also serves as an art gallery. Strewn about the walls and around the room are pieces of artwork or projects that switch out about twice a year. I enjoy the gallery and attended the first gallery reception, even writing a blog entry about it, taking pictures, and creating a Facebook photo album depicting it.

I looked at her with a face of uncertainty.

I’ll introduce you!”

“Okay!” I agreed, quickly packing up my things and thinking of how great it is to have connections, (especially in high places ;D.) She pulled a chair up to the table, and introduced me to the person in charge, Linda, as a great artist and photographer that needed to be inlcuded. Sierra, a girl from my Honors History class, immediately welcomed me while the group asked what kind of photographer I was. I just explained that I take photos as a hobby, and the meeting moved on.

We discussed many different ideas and projects for the Gallery for about an hour until the meeting was winding down for 2:00 classes. Discussing the taking down of the current gallery on Sunday, I was asked to return, and my e-mail was requested, as was my appearance at the next meeting. So now, I’m officially part of the Honors Gallery Committee. xD Quite unexpected.

Next was Honors History class, then dinner, followed by my Art Education class. We drew in my Art Ed class today, but it was unusual because we were to draw a teddy bear as a 1st grader would, then a bird or a fish as a 4th grader would, and then draw a foreshortened animal from a toy along with the profile of it. It was difficult to think how younger children would draw the animals since I’m not young anymore and have much more skill, but it was difficult for all of us. xD

Today was the 3rd day of classes, but I’ve only had 2 of a class, at most. So far, my teachers are already identifying me as “front row hard-working A-student.” My 2-D Design teacher told me to move from the back row to the front row next class period because that’s where all the A-students sit, and I should be there. lol 🙂 That makes me feel happy and proud of myself. Definitely makes me feel like I’m fitting in and this semester will be a good one.

So, I came back to my dorm, thinking that I would get some homework done. I had a soda in the fridge with no classes the next morning, and I was excited to stay up late for the first time that week. I came in and found Taylor getting ready for Midnight Rodeo. The Terry Girls were going out tonight. Unexpectedly, though, she invited me to come with. “Jena’s not coming, so we have an extra seat. You should come!”

I gave it a quick thought. Midnight Rodeo is a country dance club that plays a mixture of country and popular dance music in which the girls will often get asked by strangers to dance. Not quite my thing as I don’t really like country, dancing, or the thought of being with strangers. But, suddenly I figured, I should go at least to see what it’s like. I really didn’t have anything else planned, otherwise.

So, I was going.

I asked Taylor with help on what to wear since I really don’t own much and am not really good with fashion. She reassured my thoughts that my plaid shirt and belt with some jeans and tennis shoes would work fine. She told me that they weren’t dressing up as much as they usually do this time because the weather was so dang cold. I quickly got dressed and waited for Laura to get back. We were planning to leave around 9:20 since girls get in free on Thursday nights until 10:00 and it’s in Austin.

Around 9:20, everyone was ready and we piled into Ellen’s car, ready to go. Unfortunately, we got there at about 9:50, but didn’t get through the line/ID check until 10:05, so we had to pay to get in. It was really cheap, though.

The inside looked really western and the drinking bars around the perimeter looked like western store fronts or something. There was a dance floor in the middle with a giant disco ball, a lot of techno light machine things, and a smoke machine. People were 2-stepping or ho-downing, or whatever they do to some country music. xD

We took a picture all together in the bathroom mirror, claimed a table and waited for the popular dance music to come on. It did, and suddenly Ellen and Taylor were whooshing Monica, Laura, and I to the floor. I danced, which was unusual, but it was a lot of fun and so much easier to do in a group of friends. After about 3 or 4 popular songs, country came back on, and we retreated to our table. xD Reminded me of Adult Swim or something. lol But it was a nice break for my feet.

When a line dancing song came on, though, Taylor had to get out there again and drag us with her. xD

Gosh, it was so much fun. The whole night was an experience.

The girls warned me not to accept a dance with Creepy Guy if he were to ask since he doesn’t respect space and is just odd, every week constantly asking girls to dance in awkward ways, like sneaking over their shoulders or coming right up to their faces. Taylor told me to stay away from the 30-40 year old guys, but the old man who’s always there is such a nice old gentlemen who really respects space and is a great dancer. I saw the elder man a lot, always with a different girl, but they were right. He would teach girls how to dance and they looked graceful. Plus he kept like a foot between them at all times. xD Monica explained her theory that she felt he came here each week because he had a wife or something that he would love to dance with and just misses it. Such a romantic story. 🙂

Switching out between dance music and country music, we continually got on and off the dance floor.

Suddenly, I saw Nikki walk right past, but I had to run up and give her a hug. Best friend of my Terry Mentor, Tessa, I would see Nikki each week at Bible Study and had visited her and Tessa’s apartment before, even going shopping with them once. She told me that she was here with Tessa and their other roommate, Nicole. Soon, they found us at our usual table and we all exchanged hugs.

It was such a surprise, but a wonderful one!

Even later in the night, we found Sam, Wade, and Justin, 3 of the 4 Terry Guys who had come with Christina, Ellen’s roommate. They all joined us, along with Noel, our PA, who came with his non-Terry friend, Kyle, and a few others. Laura even ran into a few of her friends, and Ellen saw someone she hadn’t seen since high school, or something. I think even Monica found a friend.

None of us had known that the others were coming, but it seemed to have turned into a Terry event. xD

We were all there and having a great night, making 4 hours go by really quickly. I was really glad that I decided to go, and even had a really fun time, despite the fact that I don’t like country, dancing, or strangers. The country music was loud and the lights and environment just really got me into it, the dancing came SO easily with so many friends there dancing around me, and then I even got to the point where I wanted someone to ask me to dance.

Monica was asked and was whoosed away. Taylor got asked by a stranger and a guy from our floor at the dorm several times. Noel asked Laura and Tessa to dance. Wade asked Laura. I think Justin, Wade, and Sam took turns with Nikki. I saw her dancing with each of them several times. xD So many people were dancing with others.

Near the end of the night, Noel called out to me that we should dance. I’d never danced country with anyone, or had never really been asked to dance before at all, so he had to walk me through it. He told me he’d keep it simple. Right, right, left. That’s it. I messed up so many times, but he was kind of out of it, as well. xD There were so many people, bumping into them was inevitable, but it only made me laugh more. It was so much fun though, and I felt really happy afterwards. Near the end of the song, he spun me and I hugged him in appreciation. Really nice end to the night.

We left shortly after Noel’s group and Tessa’s group, while the Terry Guys stayed behind. We got back at Tower around 3:00AM and there was absolutely no parking! We drove around Tower’s parking garage so many times, finally having to park at San Jac. Now I am in my room and I am so tired! Ready for bed!

Today was such a wonderful day, although unexpected, but it definitely made me feel like I’m fitting in to the new semester… 🙂

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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    Wow, sounds like an exciting day/night/morning xD I’m glad that everything is going well at the start of your semester and that you’re enjoying yourself 🙂 It’s really nice to hear you having such a good time 🙂

  2. Jordan B.
    Jordan B. says:

    Fitting in is always nice, but being happy is always nice as well.

    P.S. It has been a long time since you last visited my blog. I was told by Matt that my last story needed some punctual corrections, but he wasn’t very clear as to where they were needed. Also I posted this Spanish Valentine poem recently that I really liked (you should see it).

    P.P.S. If you want you or myself could introduce your character into Matt’s storyline.
    (it would probably be better if you did though, however I could do it but it would be a vague description of who your character is.)

    • Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      I have visited your blog recently. I looked over the Spanish poem but didn’t feel like translating it, plus I don’t really have the time. I don’t want to sound rude, but as you can tell by the lack of activity on MY blog, I don’t really have time to spend on other people’s blogs…If things let up, I’ll start reading and writing again, but as things are going right now, I’m lucky if I get 4 hours of sleep at night.

      And my creative blog’s layout is just temporary right now. I wanted to see what the new layout looked like and didn’t have the time to set it back to the old one which I think I like better.

      Oh, and about The Club, I have no idea what’s going on in it really, and I don’t really like how it was all set up by Matt because he’s into warlocks and necromancers and things like that, and I’m not. I don’t understand them, either, so I don’t know how to put myself into a story centralized on that kind of stuff. If you want a “vague description of who my character is,” then read the previous The Club posts that I’ve written.

      You don’t have to comment on my blog telling me you wrote something new or telling me to go to your blog. I find that kind of rude and unnecessary, seeing as I’m subscribed to your blog and get e-mails the second you post something or comment.

      I really don’t want to sound off-putting…I’m just stressed and frustrated, and already know that I haven’t been commenting on your blog, or my own for that matter.

    • Jordan B.
      Jordan B. says:

      don’t worry I understand . I’ve been in similar situations, and sorry about all the “pestering” I’ll let be from now on. I hope you can find some more time to just relax and center yourself in mind, body, and spirit.

      If I may, sometimes it helps to take our problems to the Lord. He’s always there and willing to listen. He may not act according to are wishes, at least not right away. I may not be some prophet or otherwise “spokesperson” of the Lord. But I feel deep down that if you went to him he’ll answer.
      I promise you that if you go to him your life will become easier for the time, and peace shall come also. It will be by this sign that you will know his hand in your life. Amen.


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