When leading others and acting as a role model, it is important to show proper citizenship including servant leadership and volunteerism. When volunteering, one sacrifices his own time and talents for charitable, educational, and worthwhile reasons. Donating one’s time and energy for the benefit of others is a powerful way to show others how to give to their community and become an aid to society. Participating in community service also shows this, working for the public rather than monetary compensation. Voluntary work and community service are both vital components that make up a strong leader and role model that each resident assistant should strive to be.

Because resident assistants are leaders within their community and often the “best of the best” among their peers within a university, it is no surprise to me that each person already had community service and volunteer experience within their past. This proves that those who willingly give time and effort to help others tend to rise to success and become leaders within their communities. These are the people to look up to. These are the people to follow. These are the people everyone strives to become.

As a Terry Scholar, I greatly understand the value and importance of giving back. Because I was granted such a godsend through the form of a scholarship, I wish to give back what I have received. I want to help as many as I can and do everything I can to better the community and the lives of others. Although not required, it is greatly expected that I volunteer and give my time as a Terry Scholar and because of this and my desire to give back and help, I am often thrusting myself into new experiences and helping in any way I can. It is through the Terry Scholars Learning Community that I wish to transfer this energy and drive in order to inspire the new freshmen Terry Scholars to give of themselves, as well.

I am proud that within our class, each person had volunteer experience already within their past, ready to be shared. Each one of us knows the importance of giving back and already does so in order to become strong role models and effective leaders. I am inspired by this vast understanding and even interested in joining my peers. I was especially interested in events that directly gave to the needy, such as food drives for the homeless, working with the Salvation Army to deliver food to the needy, and using Meal Trades and swipes left on Texas State students’ ID cards in order to feed those who need help. These causes really intrigue me because they are simple to do and can really change a person’s life. It is so rewarding to know that you’ve helped a person in need.

Although I do not always enjoy putting myself out into the world and experiencing new, foreign, and unfamiliar experiences, I do enjoy giving my time and my energy in order to better the world. Any time I hear of a volunteer opportunity and there is a blank space within my calendar, I am right out there doing what I can and helping in any way possible. I love volunteering, I love community service, and I love helping. Because I am a resident assistant and because I am a role model, I should enjoy these tasks and partake in them often, showing others that giving back is important and helping others is the best gift one could possibly give.

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