After a Thanksgiving Break, we returned to class for our final week. We’ve had nothing but guest speakers these last few weeks and today were some personal trainers here to talk to us about health and fitness. This is my final journal entry for this class, so hopefully I’ll keep writing after this…

Health is an important factor in one’s life and should be maintained in order to live a well-balanced life, especially when entering college life. With less regularity, more unhealthy meals, and less exercise than one has previously encountered, students entering college may find themselves at risk for developing bad health habits, losing muscle, and gaining weight. Most know what they must do, but do not act upon such knowledge due to laziness and a lack of motivation. As a resident assistant, I must set the good example by taking care of my body and having excellent health as well as motivating my residents to do the same. I know this is my job, but like my residents, I have trouble doing it.

Weight has always been present in my life, as I have always been heavier than I should be. Ever since I was ten years old, I have wanted to change my weight and reduce my body fat content, but it’s not quite enough to really motivate me to do anything. There are many factors that prohibit me from exercising. One major excuse that I am sure everyone gives is that I am too busy to find time to exercise. With my current schedule, I even struggle to find time to sleep, let alone complete all my assignments and finish all of my work. But to make matters worse, even if I had the time to work out, I really don’t want to use it. I don’t want to make time in my day to exercise regularly because I cannot stand working out. There are many reasons why I don’t like to exercise. I don’t like sweating, smelling awful, having to change clothes, and having to shower, and I also don’t like the idea of having to trek across campus to go to an unfamiliar, open area with lots of people who are bound to notice me. Not to mention, I do not like the actual act of exercising and exerting force. I don’t like the pain, the effort, and the strain. I don’t want to weaken my body, only to feel tired and drained afterwards. Part of this may be because I am hypoglycemic, meaning my body creates too much insulin and uses the sugars I intake more quickly than usual. Even if I don’t exercise, I experience spells of weakness and fatigue as my body lacks in energy throughout the day. I know what it’s like to be out of energy and to feel weak, and I can’t stand it. I can’t stand not being able to move my arms or sit up without difficulty because I literally don’t have the energy to do so. I can’t stand the shakes and quivers my body goes through after exerting force or exercising. I can’t stand feeling helpless.

Although I cannot fathom exercising regularly for a variety of different reasons, I know that I should. After hearing from personal trainers, I am slightly more motivated to change my eating habits and begin becoming more active, but I do not think that I am ready to really make significant changes within my life right now. As of now, I am willing and able to encourage my residents to partake in good eating habits and to become active within their lives in order to increase their health and I will try along with them. I will try to do as the trainers said and to make small cuts within my diet and change small behaviors within my daily activities to reduce the amount of calories I intake and to increase the amount of calories I use. Hopefully, these small steps will lead to greater strides later within my life in my quest for better health.

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