The other day, Dianne Odegard, from Bat Conservation International, visited my Nature & the Quest for Meaning to discuss bats. After giving a PowerPoint presentation about the myths and misconceptions of bats, Dianne asked us to create poetry about the winged beasts. She challenged us to team up with the person next to us and create a haiku about the unusual mammals and submit them to the Bat Conservation website afterwards.

Haikus use a structure composed of 3 lines, the first and last lines containing 5 syllables and the middle line containing 7. These are some of the haikus that my classmates and I constructed.


My Haikus

“There’s a bat up there,
Aah, get it out of my hair!”
Screams the scared person.

Rushing from a cave
Hundreds of bats gathering,
What a sight to see!

Prowling on the ground,
A bat finds an animal
And laps up its blood.

Classmate Haikus

Misunderstood bats,
“Soft and silky,” said Mark Twain.
Eaten’ up them moths.

Screeching and swarming,
Bats are flying everywhere
But not in my hair.

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