Zoomology is a game of wildlife recognition that I created that educates others in zoology through the use of zoomed-in photos and close-ups of animals, such as magnified images of their eyes, feathers, scales, or fur. Through this entertaining, yet educational game, children, students, and people of all ages can test their knowledge of wildlife identification and in the process learn something new. This game not only allows people to enjoy learning more about nature, but also creates a bond between animals and people. People are generally much less afraid and are usually more attracted to the familiar, drawing toward that which they know. When one is able to identify the species of animals that live in his environment, he is more likely to enjoy the environment and wish to preserve it. He has a much closer bond with the nature and life around him and will treasure it more than one who does not know the animals by name. Zoomology is a game that treasures the ability to identify animals in an attempt to bring to attention the threat of losing endangered species, to help those threatened species regain their numbers, and overall, educate the public about zoology and increase their knowledge of wildlife.

Zoomology is Intended to:

  • Trains people to notice & recognize wildlife in nature
  • Could bring attention to endangered or threatened species
  • Provides a fun learning experience, especially for children
  • Improve knowledge of local animal species
  • Helps distinguish between different species of animals
  • Overall helps educate people in zoology

Zoomology Possibilities:

  • Card Game
  • Trivia Game
  • Board Game
  • Application
  • Book Series
  • Web-Based Game
  • Computer Game
  • Television Game Show

Further Your Zoology Knowledge:

  • Spend Time in Nature
  • Go Camping
  • Visit Zoos, Wildlife Refuges
  • Read Wildlife Books, Magazines, Journals
  • Own Pets
  • Keep a Nature Journal, Blog
  • Collect Research from Books, Journals, Databases
  • Volunteer at Zoos, Wildlife Refuges
  • Major in Zoology

Knowing a little bit of zoology can keep you from making a mistake like this:

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