Write a story that involves the famous military base, Area 51.

The catch is to not include any aliens, extra-terrestrials, space creatures, etc.

Basically, don’t include anything from outer space.

Write about somebody who is completely invisible at all times. This would be physical, meaning nobody can physically see the person.


  • Elizabeth Hamm’s Invisible
  • Write about how a pinky finger saves someone’s life.

    Just to let you know, this is from my science book. I didn’t write this, but it makes for a great story idea. Try to write your version or ending to this story.

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    All day I have been coming up with some ideas for some stories, so I am going to follow Mr. Gifford’s instructions and scribble a few of them down because I don’t actually have the time to write. (I have to babysit from 6:00AM-5:00PM tomorrow, and yes, that means that I can’t make it to Matt’s party.) These are all separate thoughts for separate stories and will not entirely make sense to you…

  • dragon coming out of nowhere on a drive in the middle of nowhere
  • an area that nobody ever crosses by a village
  • related can only see the ghost
  • All right…I was talking with my dad and subjects changed and linked on and on until we reached birthdays on September 11. We were talking about how we knew two people with a birthday then, and then went on to other strange days to have a birthday. Of course, having a birthday on February 29, the Leap Year day, came up. Just then, I explained that perhaps a person from the future had somehow set up a time-travel organization thing with Leap Year, and then burst out, (as I frequently do,) “I should write a story about it!” Sometimes I actually do end up writing the story which leads to some strange stuff that I have on my blog such as The War Had Begun.

    So, I may actually think of a cool plot to go with my strange idea and actually write a story about it. That would be cool! 😀

    Write about something that you find completely pointless in this world, or make up your own invention that serves no purpose.


  • Desirae Small’s Useless {sporks}
  • If you were an animal, what would you be and why? You can write on which animal suits you best or which one you would most want to be.

    Write a story beginning and ending with the question, “Why?” Try to keep the story based around the question if you can.

    Write a story using only quotations. The characters will only speak, not act.

    (This sounds like a fun challenge that I may attempt.)


    Write your explanation why Lindsey was not there in my story, How was this Possible? or write your “ending” to the story.