Write about something that you find completely pointless in this world, or make up your own invention that serves no purpose.


  • Desirae Small’s Useless {sporks}
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    1. Jason
      Jason says:

      I think your cat was beautiful and i am sorry to hear you lost him.I am a cat lover myself so i know how hard it can be!Get another one so u can experience the joy of it again!

    2. Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      Thanks for stopping by. My family and I love cats and would love to get another one, but right before Hobbes died, my dad became allergic to him and couldn’t breathe whenever he was near him. We got two persians afterwards and my dad couldn’t breathe at all, so we returned them to our neighbor, (who had given them to us,) and got another short-haired tabby like Hobbes was. It still didn’t work and we had to give Tabbie the tabby to one of my friends. We now have two rabbits.

    3. Melissa
      Melissa says:

      Hmmm… global warming scams, harry pothead-*cough*-potter books, twenty-twos, heheh. I guess a watch that only goes backwards would work too… or not work… 🙂


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