Just to let you know, this is from my science book. I didn’t write this, but it makes for a great story idea. Try to write your version or ending to this story.

Katrina peered at the…thing…in front of her. Definitely unusual. Peculiar even. She has walked this path a thousand times in the three months she’s lived here and had never seen anything like this before.

She walked around it, once, slowly. It had a regular shape, sort of like a hexagon, but its surface didn’t look shiny and synthetic like plastic, metal, or glass. Instead, it looked almost biological: sort of scaly and wrinkled and, well, something like a snake’s skin. The object had strange colors, too: sort of purplish-greenish with amber highlights. It looked out of place in the weeds and low shrubs along the path, yet somehow it didn’t look manufactured either.

What was it? An egg? A cocoon? A mushroom? Some type of dormant reptile? Or maybe it wasn’t alive at all. It really didn’t look alive, but neither did it look dead. She almost expected it to…but then again, she also wouldn’t have been surprised if it…

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