Write about somebody who is completely invisible at all times. This would be physical, meaning nobody can physically see the person.


  • Elizabeth Hamm’s Invisible
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      • Noelle M. Brooks
        Noelle M. Brooks says:

        Yes, I know…School is literally sucking the very life from me. Well, maybe not literally, but you know what I mean… This entire weekend I was working and doing homework, yet I still didn’t finish it all! I was planning on putting up my English project which was to make a visual about a nonfiction book, and you know me; I made a video. I just have so much work to do, my life is a bit crazy right now. There’s also some talk that my mom could come home from Afghanistan at the end of this month, or she may have to stay until June. She’s been gone since September, but it doesn’t really feel like it. So, I am definately trying to get some time to write. I’m not sure about this upcoming weekend either because I start Driver’s Ed. next week or something and still haven’t sat behind the wheel…My dad and I just have no time. See! I need to rant! But first, I need the time to write up a rant…Well, there’s the bell. Now it’s time to present my English project. Woopee..


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