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You know, I’ve had a blog for about…four years now, I’d say, and I wrote on it frequenty the first year, not as much the second, not much at all the third, and I post occassionally now, but I really never actually blogged, like I’m doing now, I guess.

I mean, actually, I guess I kind of have a few times, like the My Thoughts kind of deals.

Maybe, I should just keep up with that.

I just had the sudden urge to blog, just to write about my day or how I feel or something. I’ve only really done that when I was really depressed in the past or when something was bothering me. I don’t know, though…There is something a little, un-nerving about writing about my secret thoughts and feelings, or listing my whereabouts and daily schedule, or even just…I don’t know…Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Most likely not, actually. But this was fun.

Maybe I’ll just put up little cute posts like this every now and then.

Well, anyway, just wanted to write something. I’ve been working extremely hard lately; I stayed up so late last night I only got like 3 hours of sleep and I’ve been kind of energized all day.

Hey, I think today was a good day.

Well, anyway, I’ve been stressed, and this was kind of a release.

I had just logged on to Magic Pens at the school today and on my other home computer which I rarely ever use today, and found that my header picture was being cut in half. I figured out why this was happening and fixed the problem, but I would like to ask. Are there any problems with my blog? Were you viewing the header how it was supposed to be or was it cut in half for you too?

Thanks, if you comment.

I have a new layout! Of course you’ve already noticed, but I’ve finished. 🙂 I really like the layout this time, but of course I say that every time I make a new layout, and then I get bored of it and make another one. Anyway, this layout, (if you haven’t already noticed,) is kind of space and stars themed. I’ve got the starry background with my fursona, hyperwires, jumping over my blog, somewhat shattering it or something in the header and stars all over the place. The comments are star-themed, along with the Search Button and the Search Form, and the music is Clocks by Coldplay, one of my favorite songs. There’s also some star dividers and pictures here and there…I hope that you all like it!

Okay…I decided to do a new layout, and I’m kind of messing around with it right now, testing out different things. It is most likely under construction as you read this…I’ll get on it later. I’ve got to do chores, take a shower, and get some sleep for school tomorrow. Ugh…

I was thinking recently that my layout now is kind of getting boring…That’s a little odd since when I first put it up, I thought it was the most awesome layout, (not ever, but pretty awesome,) and now it’s just not that cool. I think that I might create a new layout for my blog which might actually inspire me to write more. Yah! 😀 Let’s hope for the best! Anyway, I’m not sure when it will be done, (if done at all,) because I have a lot of other requests and such from other people that I still have to do… Gah!

I will be on vacation starting tomorrow, Saturday, July 20, 2007 until Monday, July 30, 2007. I may be able to pop on for a few minutes between, but I am not sure…most likely not. I will definately try to write while I am gone, so I don’t know…The change in environment may help, but too bad I will be with my family the entire time. We’ve got a one room hotel thing so I won’t really have “alone writing time.” I will still try though. See you all later! 😀

I have finally gotten around to copying and pasting all my stuff from my Magic Pens blog to this blog.

Both will have all of the same stuff, so for now, it’s only there for back-up and for people outside of Magic Pens to read my stuff. Some of my friends and relatives have been asking to read my stuff, and I am getting very tired of e-mailing each one a copy of my next chapter.

I would like to ask who comes by my blog and reads my stuff. I don’t know what to write right now and would like to ask my readers what they would like to continue reading.

  • What are you most interested in right now?
  • What can you not wait for?
  • What do you not care so much about?
  • What would you definitely read if I posted it?
  • etc.

I am sorry to say that I am very sick today (and also yesterday,) and I feel like crap. I usually do not write when I am in this state, but who knows, I may surprise you. I am just here to say, don’t expect anything from me today unless I start feeling better.

Seeing how nobody ever comes to my blog and I receive a very low amount of comments, (if I receive any comments at all,) I have decided to quit Magic Pens forever and never return.

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I have been feeling a lot better lately, (again, read the first, My Thoughts,) and I think that I may have some free time coming up. Yay!

I think that I will have time to write and I may get to do some other stuff too. I still have to work on Mr. Gifford’s blog and I would like to redo mine again. This time, it shall be forest themed! 😀

Does my background show up this time?

Well I just put it up along with Melissa’s and I don’t know if they are showing up for everybody or not. So, I have a lot of work to do…and homework.