I Quit! (April Fools Joke)

Seeing how nobody ever comes to my blog and I receive a very low amount of comments, (if I receive any comments at all,) I have decided to quit Magic Pens forever and never return.

April Fools!

I don’t plan to ever quit or leave Magic Pens. I personally think that it is the best group that I have ever joined. 😀

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  1. Mr. G
    Mr. G says:

    HA! You almost had me going there! 😉 (Unfortunately, there seems to be many absent members this weekend, so I don’t know when anyone else will notice!)

  2. Shaundra
    Shaundra says:

    Hello you crazy foo’ I was kinda worried for a moment but then again… nah I wasnt. But I need your assistance. Would it be possible to get your help editing my html? All I need are some simple instructions as to how to make mine look like yours, just with a different image. Also I would like to know what line in my html I need to change in order to get my “No Comments” to be like your “Rustles in the Wind” I can’t seem to get that one to change.

  3. Shaundra
    Shaundra says:

    Oh and I want to change the thing that says “Read more of this entry”. Like yours says “Continue through the trees?”

  4. Mr. G
    Mr. G says:

    Fyi, I’m putting up a post on my site to discuss the renaming of characters in The Club. Might be best to avoid any further awkwardness…

  5. Liz
    Liz says:

    Not to ruin anyone’s mood but Noelle on some of my pages the comment button just says, well, comment. Like when you go to a certain month in archives or when you go to the specific file. If you could be so kind as to fix it because, well, I am not smart…Thanks!


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