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You know, I’ve had a blog for about…four years now, I’d say, and I wrote on it frequenty the first year, not as much the second, not much at all the third, and I post occassionally now, but I really never actually blogged, like I’m doing now, I guess.

I mean, actually, I guess I kind of have a few times, like the My Thoughts kind of deals.

Maybe, I should just keep up with that.

I just had the sudden urge to blog, just to write about my day or how I feel or something. I’ve only really done that when I was really depressed in the past or when something was bothering me. I don’t know, though…There is something a little, un-nerving about writing about my secret thoughts and feelings, or listing my whereabouts and daily schedule, or even just…I don’t know…Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Most likely not, actually. But this was fun.

Maybe I’ll just put up little cute posts like this every now and then.

Well, anyway, just wanted to write something. I’ve been working extremely hard lately; I stayed up so late last night I only got like 3 hours of sleep and I’ve been kind of energized all day.

Hey, I think today was a good day.

Well, anyway, I’ve been stressed, and this was kind of a release.

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