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Claire sat on the edge of her bed and looked out her window to the forest that stared back. The tall woods were dark and looked unfriendly as they reached up towards the sky. The sun was just setting casting a watercolor effect on the sky. Pastel colors of red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple mixed and swirled together, fading into the horizon. She brushed her short, blonde hair with her fingers as she thought silently to herself, watching the sunset.

It had been nearly three months now, since the accident.

Claire sat in sadness and despair as she thought of her mother. She remembered the day when her father had come home and told her of a car accident. She had been close to her mother through her nine years of life and she was left heartbroken. She could feel it in her father, also, as he would often lock himself in his study for hours. He was never like this before. Tears rolled down the side of her face as she thought of the happy moments that she had spent with her family before.

Being an only child, Claire felt that she had nobody to turn to with her father in his study or at work all the time. There was nobody there for her.

Her father knocked on her bedroom door and peeked his head through. “Bedtime, Sweetheart,” he said with a smile on his face. His weary, blue eyes showed the true feeling that he felt inside. They reflected worry and sorrow as he kissed his daughter goodnight and turned off her light as he left. Claire crept into her bed and wished that something in her life were different. Why was the world so cruel?

She was deep in thought as she lied in her bed, staring at the green of her ceiling when she heard a noise coming from outside. She instantly sat up in her bed and glanced out her window. She saw the flick of a long, white tail, just as it ran into the forest. What was that?

Filled with curiosity, Claire was suddenly filled with a feeling of excitement as she creaked her door open and checked the hallway. The door of her father’s study was closed and a beam of light shone from underneath. She quietly crept out of her room, leaving her door open, and took each step down the stairs carefully. Reaching the back door, she searched the forest once more and saw nothing but trees.

She opened the door and stepped into the warm, summer night. The grass beneath her bare feet tickled between her toes, and Claire felt modest in her nightgown, but she felt the urge to discover what she had seen escape into the forest. It had not been long when Claire found a beautiful and serene creature standing before her. Standing out brightly against the darkness of the trees, the white color of an elegant unicorn stood before her. Its fur was silver and reflecting off of the sun’s last beams of light, and her eyes were a bright lilac. Her cloven hooves were hidden beneath the long fur of her ankles, and her mane looked as if angels had woven it. The long horn that rested on her forehead illuminated a light of its own and brought a smile to the girl’s soft face.

Claire stood in awe of the creature and reached out to touch it with her small hand. The creature stood still as the girl patted its silvery-white muzzle and Claire felt happiness inside her for the first time in a while. Her bright, blue eyes lit up as the creature kneeled to allow the child to climb onto its back. The girl took advantage of this fantasy and climbed onto the animal, holding onto its mane tightly.

The unicorn started to gallop as fast as she could throughout the forest in the sunset. She glided over the grass that covered that ground and it seemed as if she was flying through the air. Claire laughed as she reached out her arms and casted a smile. She was free and full of joy! Her face was red with the feeling of excitement and her eyes were closed. Together, she and the unicorn rode throughout the forest as one, leaping over logs and around trees.

Claire could feel her mother’s warm embrace and could hear her soft words in her mind. She could hear her apologize for what had happened but instructing her to not give up faith. Her mother told her to keep holding on to what she had in life and to enjoy everything. Claire felt a sense of peace and tranquility. The animal continued to gallop as its rider came to an understanding. She would no longer feel sadness within her heart for she was to see her mother some day in the future. She was not alone, as she had thought that she was. She was free!

Soon, the unicorn arrived at the little child’s house and kneeled to let her slide off of its soft back. Claire gave the creature a warm hug and brought her mouth up to the animal’s ear. “Thank you, Mother,” she whispered quietly before quickly slipping back into her warm bed and dozing off to sleep with a smile on her face.

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  1. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    That was a good story. I thought the unicorn was a dream at first, but in the end it sounded like the unicorn was the mother. I liked it.


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