Meeting Overview: November 29, 2006

For those of you who missed the meeting that was held in the computer room at 3:30 on Wednesday, November 29, 2006, here is a short overview of what we talked about.

1. T-Shirts – We held a vote and are currently going with a white hoodie. If 30 or more of us buy one, the price will be cheaper, so pre-pay for yours before the Christmas Break! Matt’s ThermoNuclear Warhead idea will be located on the front in a pocket size, and my outline for the scroll and dragon idea will be located on the back in a large size.

2. Goals – Mr. Gifford has given us many goals that we should try to obtain. By the end of this year, every Magic Pens member should write at least two, complete, 1,000-2,000 words long stories that take place in our newly-created world. Every Sunday, each member should post how many words they have written for that week, and what they have read for that entire week. To improve your writing, write for at least 15 minutes each day! It doesn’t matter what it is…just write something!

EXAMPLE: This week I wrote 500 words and read 3 chapters in Some Random Book by Some Random Author.

3. Our World – Our created world is basically complete. The storyline is rough and basically allows you to create just about anything. The story so far is that a league of aliens called the Qurks have broken through their ‘dimension barriers’ to reach Earth. Copper is rare on their planet, and they are enslaving humans to mine for copper. While they were ‘breaking dimension barriers’ they allowed mythical beasts and magic to spread over Earth, and ‘normal’ technology has been nearly destroyed. As Mr. Gifford said, “There might be a teleporter, but to get to it, you have to ride a horse.” Vampires come into the story somewhere… Do not include absolutes such as “always” and “never,” but feel free to create aliens or mythical animals and creatures. Start writing your two 1,000-2,000 word stories! Check out Matt’s Google Page for more information on Our World.

4. Hibernating Members – Members that have not posted anything on their blog have been deleted.

5. Officers – Voting for Magic Pens officers will take place in December. If you would like to run for a position, include a short post on why you would like to be an officer and why we should vote for you on your blog. Officers will read stories that members have written that take place in Our World and put any information they gave onto Matt’s Google Page.