There were only about 10 people at the meeting that took place on Saturday, October 20, 2007, at the Bagel Stop/Book Nook at 1:00PM. Elizabeth and Sherry’s moms were there too, so they helped us come up with a few good ideas. As many of you already know, Mr. Gifford wasn’t at the meeting due to personal reasons, so I was left to speak at the meeting, along with Matt who was there a short amount of time.

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First off, I have been waiting to welcome all of the new members of Magic Pens, but now that they all have their blogs up, WELCOME! I hope that every single one of you decides to stay in this club, attend meetings, write often, and never “die out” on us, as some have done in the past. I also hope that this will be the best year of Magic Pens and that we will try out many new and fun activites, getting everybody inspired to write, finish stories, and maybe even get published. So, once again, I welcome you to the club and I invite you to ask me anything that you would like to know, either about myself, blog edditing, or the club, and I will answer as soon as possible. (That usually won’t be very long as I check Magic Pens a lot.)

Also, be sure to check out the Official Magic Pens Website!

Wow, we had a large crowd today, Wednesday, September 5, 2007! I hope that everybody decides to stay and write often this year! First off, we had a sign-up sheet and Mr. Gifford said that about 40 people were at the meeting! After signing up and settling down, we started discussing what the club was and a few things that we are going to try out this year.

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I would like to propose the idea of an official logo for Magic Pens. Here is an idea that I have thought of. What do you guys think, especially you, Mr. Gifford?

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I have been thinking over some ideas for this upcoming new year of Magic Pens along with everyone and here are just a few of my thoughts. I’m going off of Mr. Gifford’s list also.

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Surprisingly, it took my longer than I thought it would to get this written…I guess I didn’t realize how short 50 words was! Well, here it is…I’m not exactly sure what tiny part about ourselves we were supposed to write about…

First off, I love to write. I’ve always had a fascination to spread my thoughts into stories and have practiced through the years. I’ve also taken each chance I’ve received to improve my writing skills, entering writing contests and joining my school’s writing club, which has been the greatest help.

It may be a little confusing to get used to at first, but once you figure out where everything is located, I think that you all might like the new Magic Pens website that I created. Becuase we decided that we needed a better website at our last meeting, I made another wordpress blog just for Magic Pens. I hope that you all find it useful and if you have any suggestions, concerns, etc., please comment! Please note that it is still a little under construction at the moment, but I did get the header drawn already! Okay, please check it out, (and I’ll be getting another Meeting Overview up when I have time, most likely tomorrow.)

There were many blue specks around the commons and theatre at Central Campus on May 15, 2007 from 3:30 to 5:oo PM due to the navy blue Magic Pens T-shirts and hoodies that were running around. Many of us came to our final end of the year meeting/party and had a great time. Chips, cookies, brownies, and muffins were brought and shared as we hung out and goofed off. After a while, Mr. Gifford came from the theatre and Randy started the actual discussion for our meeting, which actually only had one topic, the end of the year book.

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As many of you know, Mr. Gifford has won the Dedication Poll, so he is most likely who we will be dedicating the book too. Here’s my version of the dedication.

Due to your encouraging words and thoughtful suggestions, we dedicate this book to you, Mr. Gifford, for giving us this chance and helping us to go forth.

I am just thinking aloud right now…Please tell me what you think. I would like some suggestions and corrections.

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Basically this is what we have for the end of the year book. These are now finalized.

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Here is what I have for the back summary so far. Please read and comment, giving suggestions, comments, fixing errors, etc.

The hourglass has been in use as early as the 11th century, usually consisting of sand that transfers from one glass to another through a narrow tube. This simple device is used to measure amounts of time reliably and is still in use today, but are there secrets of the hourglass that have not yet been discovered? Could this common item transport beings from one dimension to another or bond with the spirit of a dragon? Is it possible that the hourglass could have hidden, mystical powers? Or perhaps the hourglass is just another of the many items strewn across a desk…