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From a few people asking me to run, I have decided that I shall. Thanks Mr. Gifford for persuading me. 🙂

I think that I would make an excellent choice for a Magic Pens officer as I’m on Magic Pens every day and have attended every meeting so far. I will continue to write a review of every meeting I attend for those who did not attend.

With a Blogline account set up, I’m aware the second that a new post is put out which would help me read posts as soon as possible. I check everybody’s blogs everyday and I try to read as many of everybody’s stories that I can. Everytime I read a story, I also comment on it giving tips, errors I’ve found, and my favorites, etc.

As a writer on Magic Pens, I try to keep up with our goals and I write almost every day. I’ve posted many posts, and I try to post at least two to three every week. I’ve drawn many different T-Shirt design ideas, and have looked at all of the other ideas for our hoodies. I’ve recruited a new member, and I speak with members that have not posted for a while, in person, to remind them that their blog still exists. I’ll also help people change the appearance of their blogs.

Please vote for me!

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