We held a vote at our meeting and have chosen a white hoodie. If 30 or more of us buy one, the price will be cheaper, so pre-pay for yours before Winter Break! Matt’s ThermoNuclear Warhead idea will be located on the front in a pocket size, and my outline for the scroll and dragon idea will be located on the back in a large size.

Since many people have complained about my idea’s clutter, I’ve created some different variations. One variation has the items displayed around the sides of the scroll along with the top to reduce the clutter, and the other has the objects a little behind the scroll. The first picture is just a touch-up of the original. Please tell me what you think of them!

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    • Mr. G
      Mr. G says:

      What’s not to understand? We are creative writers who write about a variety of things. Imagine if we were writing a story where some of the action takes place on moons around Jupiter. Wouldn’t that planet drawing be accurate? 😉

      Nice variety. I like the third “Behind Scroll” option. Seems like the ideas are coming out of the paper.

      • Noelle M. Brooks
        Noelle M. Brooks says:

        I also like the objects coming from behind the scroll.

        To answer Matt’s question, I tried to draw as many different genres of writing that I could. I drew the drgaon, obviously for fantasy, the butterfly for some soft poetry or stories, the pirate ship for an adventerous story, and the planet is obviously for science-fiction. Randall would most likely be very upset if I took out the planet.


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